CESI Homeownership Center Partners With eHome America

Consumer Education Services, Inc. Homeownership Center has partnered with eHome America, the nation’s premier online home ownership education program, offering access to quality, accessible information and education for first-time home buyers.

“We are excited to be able to offer this dynamic educational tool to our residents in the Raleigh metropolitan area,” stated Sheryl Merritt, Housing Program Manager. “With eHome America, we will be able to reach our rural and metropolitan constituents alike. Now quality learning can be found anytime on the Internet.”

In English and Spanish with over 50 video tutorials, eHome America is the most comprehensive online home buyer training course available throughout the nation. Home buyers learn at their own pace and are held accountable with integrated quizzes and tests.

eHome America is home buyer education that is leading the smart home buyer revolution. Home ownership counselors nationwide are embracing eHome America as the ideal solution to service more people on a tighter budget.

Launched in May 2009, over 390 housing counseling organizations have seen the benefits to partnership with eHome America, issuing some 125,000 course certificates to home buyers and resulting in $1.7 million in revenues to support local counseling services in 2014. The program has also been approved by USDA, NeighborWorks and 12 State Housing Finance Agencies.

This structured, web-based class is based on the NeighborWorks America curricula, ‘Realizing the American Dream’ with videos to assist learning. To improve the accessibility of the informative, interactive modules, the text was written to a sixth to eighth-grade reading level. Unlike a classroom environment, eHome America Homebuyer Education course checks students’ learning with frequent feedback through quizzes and tests. Following the course, which is designed to take eight hours, in-person or phone counseling commences prior to the completion certificate being printed.

Additionally, the US Department of Agriculture’s Office of Rural Development announced that eHome America’s homebuyer education meets the agency’s needs as a provider for on-line homebuyer education.

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Potential homebuyers can access eHome America at http://www.eHomeAmerica.org/cesihoc or contact CESI Homeownership Center at 866-635-6414. The cost for the eight-hour course is $ 99.

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