Florida Homeowner Saved From Foreclosure and Gains Home Equity

Dillon Graham

We base each strategy on our client’s goal.

Graham Legal, P.A., celebrates a recent win defending a Miami foreclosure case that has been ongoing for over six years. This is a homeowner that faced financial difficulties during the height of the recession and was able to buy enough time, with the assistance of a foreclosure defense attorney, to gain equity on the property.

In 2009, the financial outlook for many people was grim. At that time, throngs of layoffs were very common and there was no end to the recession in sight. In January of 2009, the Graham Legal client was served with their foreclosure notice.

The defendant promptly hired a Miami foreclosure defense attorney, but didn’t see much progress with the case. Ultimately, the defendant decided to seek the assistance of Graham Legal.

“When the defendant hired our team to defend the foreclosure, not much research had been done in the case,” says Dillon Graham, owner of Graham Legal, P.A. “These cases tend to move slowly, thus it’s crucial to proceed with a specific intention.”

In this case, the defendant took the correct course of action, hiring an attorney. If the defendant in a foreclosure suit does not hire an attorney to defend the case and an Answer to the Complaint isn’t submitted, the bank will file a Motion for Default Judgment almost immediately. This effectively speeds up the foreclosure process to a matter of weeks. As is evident by this case, time is extremely valuable in affording homeowners the opportunity for a change in circumstance. The property in this case gained significant equity, which provides the homeowner with options that were unavailable when the foreclosure suit was initially filed.

“We base each strategy on our client’s goal,” says Graham. “Each client that we meet with has a different need or outcome in mind; for some it’s staying in the home as long as possible to save money or work towards a better financial situation, for others it might be a modification that allows them to keep their home permanently.”

Graham Legal resolved the foreclosure suit by obtaining a win at trial and dismissal of the foreclosure action, allowing the homeowner to continue living on the property. With the improved real estate market, the home in question has gained substantial equity, leaving the homeowner with several alternatives, such as selling the property, reinstating the mortgage, or working out a loan modification.

About Graham Legal, P.A.:

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Graham Legal, P.A. has spent the last eight years protecting the rights of homeowners who have been wronged by mortgage lenders that refuse to provide the borrowers with viable solutions. They are also protecting those investors who wish to invest in foreclosed properties.

The law firm exclusively dedicates their law practice to helping people by defending their homes from foreclosure or by helping them to recover damages for a personal injury. Their philosophy is that the rights of individuals deserve to be protected. They fight on behalf of homeowners who have been wronged and individuals who have fallen victim of the negligence of others. For those looking to schedule a complimentary no-obligation consultation please visit the website, http://grahamlegalpa.com.

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