Howard Feinmel, Paul Herman Both Suspended Debt Attorneys for Now

Readers of this site will recognize the name of Florida attorney Howard Feinmel. Over the years he’s appeared in a number of articles. You can click here to see them.

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According to a document from the Supreme Court of Florida from July 24, 2015 it appears Feinmel will be have his ability to practice law in Florida, revoked for five years. After that time Feinmel can seek readmission to practice law in Florida. – Source

Feinmel is a clever and smart guy and I would hope he rode out the gravy train as long as possible and followed the standard approach of sending his proceeds offshore. At least that seems to be a strategy followed by some in the debt relief world. Enjoy you beach time Howard.

Another attorney who recently lost his ability to practice law in Florida was Paul Herman. Herman has also appeared in articles here on the site. Click here to see them.

Herman was suspended for six months and will be able to apply for readmission.

Both Herman and Feinmel appeared to have had relationships with a common group of non-attorneys who promoted all sorts of debt relief variations from credit card relief to mortgage forgiveness. And as has happened time-and-time again, those sorts of relationships have brought down many a talented lawyer.

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