Howard Feinmel, Paul Herman Both Suspended Debt Attorneys for Now

Readers of this site will recognize the name of Florida attorney Howard Feinmel. Over the years he’s appeared in a number of articles. You can click here to see them.

According to a document from the Supreme Court of Florida from July 24, 2015 it appears Feinmel will be have his ability to practice law in Florida, revoked for five years. After that time Feinmel can seek readmission to practice law in Florida. – Source

Feinmel is a clever and smart guy and I would hope he rode out the gravy train as long as possible and followed the standard approach of sending his proceeds offshore. At least that seems to be a strategy followed by some in the debt relief world. Enjoy you beach time Howard.

Another attorney who recently lost his ability to practice law in Florida was Paul Herman. Herman has also appeared in articles here on the site. Click here to see them.

Herman was suspended for six months and will be able to apply for readmission.

Both Herman and Feinmel appeared to have had relationships with a common group of non-attorneys who promoted all sorts of debt relief variations from credit card relief to mortgage forgiveness. And as has happened time-and-time again, those sorts of relationships have brought down many a talented lawyer.


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12 thoughts on “Howard Feinmel, Paul Herman Both Suspended Debt Attorneys for Now”

  1. SURPRISE !! The cast and crew of The Center For Legal Justice, August Belmont and Co and Fidelity Land Trust have re-surfaced ! Two entities established at their prior digs at 902 Clint Moore Rd are now operating out of 7000 W. Palmetto Park Rd in Ste’s 300 and 301. They are Outsourced Legal Services LLC and Harbinger Capital Group LLC (www.harbingercapitalgroup.com). The morons behind all of the previous entities (Larry Diodato and Ed Cherry) used none other than Jad Haydin as the mgr to file for one of these entities and knowing that Jad would be up Larry’s ass if he stopped short it did not take too much research to locate these idiots. The new/old scam is financing attorney fees. If this sounds familiar that is exactly what Esquire Litigation Support, Larry’s previous scam that was closed down by the FL AG did. And guess what legal fees they finance ? Only those associated with settling credit card debt and only through an attorney they refer you to. Does this all sound familiar ? It is a roundabout way of offering debt settlement by holding yourself out as a legal finance company. Ingenious, Ed ! But, I have already alerted the AG and am now putting everyone on notice that you scumbags are back at it. At least this time you changed your address you fucking morons.

    • The manager of harbinger Capital Group, LLC is Harbinger Capital Group Partners, a non existent entity with the Florida dept of state. Following the same old pattern as all previous entities established by Diodato and Cherry but now with some new players (Jack Porrata, Olga Moreno and Luis Alvarez).

          • Many attorneys went to law school because they felt a calling to help little people in extreme situations. What makes me nauseous and want to start dry heaving is when I read about attorneys like this.

  2. The Law Offices of Paul A. Herman an Howard Fienmel operated under another company called Esquire Litigation with Larry Diodato, Ed Cherry and some other people. Esquire would get the clients in.. set up the monthly payments for the clients which was all based on the amount of debt the clients had and each week Esquire would cut checks to Paul and Howard.. this was the debt consolidation process. Non attorneys paying the attorneys, the attorneys would then turn around and pay their staff. The system didn’t work because the attorneys really couldn’t delivery on settling the clients debt.. Esquire would set up the payments for the clients to send in each month for anywhere from 12 to 24 months as the clients so their system takes the clients money as the clients start to become paid in full the firm is no longer getting the clients money.. look at it this way if you have 2500 clients paying you at least 300 monthly.. that’s about 750,00.00 a month that your getting but once the terms are almost up you no longer have that kind of cash coming in and the clients are still stuck with the debts, judgments and garnishment. Paul Herman decided to take on Bankruptcy which he didn’t have the first clue about with another guy name Tony or Fat Tony who was jailed by the bankruptcy court for stealing money. Paul Herman working with Esquire ran a ponzi scheme. Taking clients money, paying off other clients, controlled by greed. The paralegal that he speaks of was on vacation from what the order says and has nothing to do with what Mr. Herman is speaking about. Read the facts of this case. Mr Herman paid off clients beduase he had no other choice. He was rolling in the dough with Howard, Ed, and Larry. Futhermore, I believe accepting cash payments from non attorneys is a direct violation of the Florida bar.. attorneys should pay staff and marketing companies.. not the other way around. Non attorneys should not be paying the attorneys. Lastly, for an attorney to try and run his employees threw the mud is Bold and distasteful!. Accept responsibility of your actions!

  3. Steve,
    I saw the headline linking me with Howard Feinmel as a Disbarred Attorney and it made my heart sink for a number of reasons. Aside from the association with Howard which was only because I took on the debt and credit related client base from a firm called Cloud Legal (in order to assist those clients who were left out in the cold with little or no proper representation) ,I had no other connection with the Feinmel firm and was disassociated with all of them when the attorney general issue came to light a few years ago. To that point I had no known association or work with Ed Cherry (other than to represent him as his attorney on his own debt collection violation case years ago, which we were successful in prosecuting against the debt collector) unlike Howard who associated himself at the time and thereafter with him and his companies.
    The headline is also misleading in that I was not disbarred which means a permanent inability to practice law but rather suspended for 6 months for a totally unrelated matter to anything having to do with my debt and credit clients and work. It had to do exclusively with a rogue employee who I trusted for 3 years as my top paralegal and who oversold her abilities and knowledge of Bankruptcy when I was trying to expand my practice into other areas of the law (specifically because of my disassociation with the people and companies you have mentioned and my refusal to handle any of those cases and work that lead to the problems with the foreclosure cases that you reported on and needing to generate new business to keep my practice going). This employee, who I later determined had lied about a number of things and screwed up many other cases for which I repaid every client involved, tried to cover her screw up in this one particular case by creating an order of the court that I relied on in representing to a client’s foreclosure that the bankruptcy case was still active. My employee went to the extent of staging a call to the judicial assistant to the bankruptcy judge with me standing over her shoulder to confirm the information before I relayed it to the other attorney just to cover her own butt.
    I was suspended for essentially being responsible for the work done by staff and employees when your name is on the door and you are the attorney of record and I accepted the initial suspension from bankruptcy court because I did not want to spend a considerable amount of time and money fighting it when I had only a few of those cases (which I immediately handed over to other attorneys) and did not want to practice in that area instead concentrating my efforts on debt and credit cases that I was more comfortable with and had been doing successfully for many years. The Florida Bar suspension merely mirrored the ruling of the Bankruptcy Judge and I chose to accept it without a fight because of my desire to put that unfortunate situation behind me and accept my professional responsibility and duty. I have defended myself successfully in nearly every complaint lodged of filed and when I felt I or my firm was wrong, I made efforts to correct or compensate clients for that.
    I am discouraged to say the least about being in this current situation but fully accept the responsibility that comes with being an attorney and policing the actions of your staff which are reflective of you whether you are actively involved or not.
    But I am also proud of the work I have done on behalf of consumers and my clients in particular and though your story seems to throw me in with everyone else, you will note that the companion articles that reference me either have nothing to do at all with me or my firm or are the few opinions expressed by a few clients who felt they did not get the services they signed up for even though I made sure that every client who I accepted from any source was made aware from the start what they were paying for and what we were planning to do and what we could legally do on their behalf. People sometimes only hear what they want and I maintain to you that we did the best we could in every circumstance and for every client so that they were getting the best representation we could reasonably provide and to the best of our abilities.
    People forget that the debt and credit world is a constantly changing landscape and what applied a few years ago in terms of defending or handling these types of cases is very different from what may be relevant today. Case in point – Chase Bank was very proactive in litigating debt collection cases a few years ago before they ran afoul of the CFPB and various lawsuits promoted by consumer attorneys. Literally overnight they closed all their house counsel offices and stopped all litigation in its tracks and then wiped out the debts of millions of consumers in order to avoid the cost of trying to fix the problems they had caused. Or Bank of America, which sat on their hands for years not prosecuting any outstanding debts or selling them in the open market and then a year or so ago starting filing suits left and right nationally.
    Consumer advocates and attorneys are on the front lines fighting for the rights of consumers, I am proud to consider myself among those who have stood up to the actions of banks, debt collectors and collection law firms on behalf of consumers, some of whom have an unreasonable expectation of walking away unscathed financially and that they bear no responsibility for their plight in some cases of over spending or having no choice but to live off their existing credit.
    As to the other issues like foreclosure defense and loan modification and some of the other consumer related areas, I cannot comment because I chose to ultimately stay away from those things yet I still find myself cast into the same pond. I hope you find the time to allow me to defend myself and my reputation as I have always respected your work and only ask that as a former journalist myself that in my case you give me the benefit of the doubt and assume that my motives and actions are legitimate and not nefarious or underhanded.

    • Paul- You were not one of the “referral attorneys” for August Belmont and Co., a defunct operation run by Cherry and Larry Diodato ? You don’t work out of the same office on Clint Moore Rd ? Not all of us are as unwitting as your clientele so stop with the righteous act. The amazing quality you, Diodato, Cherry et al possess is that you all walk around claiming what you do is legit. I call bulshit.

    • No known association or work with Ed Cherry ? That is a bold claim. Perhaps you might want to read more from the link below. You apparently acted as a referral attorney for a firm clearly owned and operated by Ed Cherry and Larry Diodato. In fact, isn’t the reason you were disbarred for 6 months because you never spoke to the client ? And is that not the essence of the “attorney referral model” and the sole reason why a sham like Esquire Litigation Support exists ?


  4. That now makes three attorney’s associated with the infamous team of Larry Diodato and Ed Cherry that have now been disbarred (lest we all forget Paul Rogers Kennedy). Problem is scumbag attorneys are a dime a dozen in South Florida so they are probably lined up to take their place.


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