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Nationwide Debt Direct Hit Yet Again With Marketing Suit in OH

Written by Steve Rhode

Previously I wrote about Nationwide Debt Direct being his with a suit in Ohio regarding the marketing letters they were sending out. You can see that previous article, here.

Well it looks like another law firm is using a similar approach in going after Nationwide Debt Direct. The suit filed on November 17, 2015 claims Nationwide Debt Direct sent marketing letters which misrepresented the actual debt owed by the consumer.

Defendant mailed letters to Plaintiff to settle debt, of which Plaintiff had none, for less than owed. Defendant made multiple phone calls to Plaintiff at her home for the same purpose. The letters were in envelopes visibly marked, “CREDIT CARD SETTLEMENT,” with the subject “IMPORTANT: DEBT SETTLEMENT NOTICE: PLEASE READ ENTIRE DOCUMENT CAREFULLY” on the letter attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A. The letter urged Plaintiff to call Defendant immediately, and stated, “It is important that you contact us within 10 days of receiving this notice to learn about your options.” See a copy of Defendant’s letter to Plaintiff, attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A.

The letter stated that Defendant successfully settled accounts with national creditors, including Chase, American Express, HSBC, Citibank, and Bank of America, and that Plaintiff could have her consumer debt significantly reduced. The letter stated that Plaintiff could save thousands of dollars in interest and become free from credit card and unsecured debt.

Plaintiff does not owe the debt obligation that Defendant offered to settle, or any debt obligation for that matter.

Defendant continued to send debt settlement letters and make phone calls to Plaintiff, despite Plaintiff expressing to Defendant that no debt obligations for Plaintiff existed.

Defendant engaged in similar practices and procedures to settle alleged debt obligations with other consumers, as documented by (a) the sixteen “Advertising / Sales Issues” complaints and thirty-two billing and service issue complaints that were filed to the Better Business Bureau and (b) the four misrepresentation and unsolicited contact complaints and six failure to deliver complaints filed with the Ohio Attorney General. See BBB Complaints, attached as Exhibit B. See Ohio Attorney General Complaints, attached as Exhibit C. – Source

The suit alleges that it should be a group class action suit “of all Ohio consumers who received misleading debt settlement letters from Defendant.”

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We will have to see how this is resolved through the court.

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