Coyle White Devine is Threatening Me With Legal Action for Dubai Debt

“Dear Jon,

I left Dubai in mid 2009 with a number of debts which I was unable to service (and still unable to service). I moved to Czech Republic from Dubai and have been here ever since.
I have a bank account in the UK which is registered at my parents address.

I guess because of this connection, a letter was recently sent to my parents address from Coyle White Devine solicitors threatening legal action if I do not settle the debt. I have no assets at all in the UK and no connections other than the one bank account at my parents address.

My question is how should I respond to Coyle White Devine? My biggest priority is that I do not want any correspondence to be sent to my parents. Is it possible to speak with you over the phone? Thanks so much, Martin



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I understand your situation, and having no assets in the UK, and not residing there means there is very little a creditor can do.

As to if CWD have any real authority to collect a debt in the UK depends on if they purchased the debt, in which they would now own it and could collect it in the UK, or if they are just acting on behalf of the bank(s) in Dubai.

We are hearing more and more about Dubai debts being chased here in the UK, but as of yet, I have not heard of anyone actually being taken to court, or any real insolvency action being taken.

As for ceasing the correspondence to your parents, you can contact CWD and advise them of your new address, or put a redirection on. Your parents can also return any post stating no longer living there.

If you were to contact CWD, they may try to collect the debt from you and contact you, again, as to what authority they would have in the EU, I am unsure.

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