The IRS Won’t Stop Chasing Us for Debt We Don’t Owe


Dear Steve,

My husband and I recently found out that his ex wife filed taxes and forged his name on 2008 taxes, after they were separated.

She had taken a settlement in 2008 and never paid the taxes on it, which left over $11,000 owed to the IRS. The amount has now grown to over $17,000 and they say that my husband is responsible to pay this.

The IRS has taken over his W-4, withholding the highest amount possible from his paychecks and are making us make a monthly payment or they say they will take our assets. We have done everything we can think of to get this straightened out that it is her that owes them, not my husband. We have copies of the settlement check issued to her only, copies of the taxes that she put his name on with hers and forged his signature.

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We have filed tax fraud and forgery against her with the IRS. We contacted a tax advocate, who has done nothing to help. The IRS refuses to hold her responsible for any of this and threatens us constantly. We cannot afford a lawyer due to all the money we pay the IRS every month.

How can she get away with this? Who monitors the IRS and its shady actions? Does the IRS not answer to anyone? Can they just decide to ruin someone’s life and get away with it? Who can help us?



Dear Becky,

I asked my friend Jim Buttonow, a tax expert, to answer your question. Here is what Jim said:

When the IRS does not respond to you, your only resort is to contact your Congressional representative for your district. Your Congressperson will start an inquiry to the IRS. Have all of your documentation ready to provide to them so that they can explain your circumstances to the IRS.

The Taxpayer Advocate should have given you an adequate response to your inquiry. My recent experiences with them indicate that they are too overwhelmed to respond timely and adequately. Go to your Congressperson to get help.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

Jim Buttonow, CPA/CITP, practices in the area of IRS and State tax controversy. He has more than 29 years of experience in IRS practice and procedure. Reach Jim at jim@buttonowcpa.com or through his website www.buttonowcpa.com