Do I Really Have to Repay the IRS for Old Debt?

Question: Dear Jim, Over 23 years ago I owe the IRS $6000 for an overpayment/refund from them. Over the years that amount was changed with penalties and interest is now $200000 or more. Now I 72 years old and have been receiving SSN with a garnishment payment every month. Last year they took $2000 out. … Read more

What Do I Do With This IRS CP2000 Claim I Owe Tax On a Cancelled Debt?

Question: Dear Jim, I received a CP2000 concerning a bank cancellation of debt, this was due to insolvency. I did not know I had to file this on my 2018 tax return because I honestly do not remember receiving it. The total due is over $2000 in taxes after IRS computed calculated adjustments. I would … Read more

My Mother Passed Away But Received 1099-C in Error

Question: Dear Steve, My mother passed April of 2019 and Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC has sent her 3 1099-C forms with the Identifiable event date of 9/27/19 and Identifiable event code of G. The statute of limitations in South Carolina is 3 years and these debts are older than 10 years. I don’t believe the … Read more

IRS Collection Alternatives – Five Potential Options to Pay an IRS Debt

If you owe the IRS and cannot pay in full, there are five collection alternatives that you can obtain from the IRS that you can use. Extensions of time to pay and easy to obtain installment agreements are the most common alternatives selected by those who owe. In most instances, individual taxpayers just need a … Read more

How Do We Deal With the IRS and Our Failed Business?

“Dear Jim, My family owns a small restaurant that’s been struggling for years. We owe the IRS and the state back taxes and have been working with various payment plans but can never get caught up. My dad even took a second job in 2011 to aid in repayment. A lawyer advised him then to … Read more

How Do I Deal With These Back Taxes and 1099-C I Just Got?

“Dear Jim, I am dealing with several major tax issues with the IRS right now and my situation is very complicated — I really need your help. I am a single female in my 50’s, unemployed, without any income, and have not worked since 2006 due to medical reasons. In March, 2008 I filed a … Read more

How to Avoid IRS Collection Action and Levies

Bob never intended for it to get this far. When he filed his return in April, he thought, “I’ll pay this off in a month or two.” Somehow, like many Americans, his good intentions fell by the wayside as other urgent financial obligations arose and his unpaid balance at the IRS remained unpaid longer than … Read more

IRS Offers Payment Plans to Those Having Money Troubles

If you owe the IRS taxes and you’re having a difficult time paying, you’re not alone. In 2010, 23.9 million individual taxpayers filed a tax return with a balance due. More than 20 million taxpayers paid the tax with their return, after the first IRS notice, or after receiving an extension to pay from the … Read more

How Can I Find My Individual Taxpayer Identification Number? – Miriam

Dear Jim, When I was younger, my aunt got me an ITIN number from the IRS to claim me as a dependent on her taxes. Now that I’m an adult, is that ITIN number still valid? And if it is, how do I find out what the number was? Thank you. Miriam Hi Miriam: To … Read more

My Wife and I Divorced But We Both Got a 1099-C For an Old Debt. What Now? – Steven

“Dear Jim, Vehicle debt was in mine and my wife’s name. Divorced in 2009, vehicle repossessed in 2009. We both received a 1099-C for the full amount in 2013. We cannot file a joint 1099, as we are divorced. How is this handled? Do we both pay taxes on the full amount or should it … Read more

S Corp Line of Credit Backed by SBA Resulted in 1099-C From Chase. – Amanda

“Dear Jim, This is apparently yet another 1099C question 🙂 For my S-corp business, I had a line of credit with a bank that changed loan terms after three years into a fixed loan. This loan was backed by SBA. I was unable to pay the new terms (and didnt actually understand that it was … Read more

I Didn’t File Tax Returns for 10 Years. What Do I Do Now?

“Dear Jim, I am embarrassed and ashamed that I’m stuck in my current situation, but in a nutshell here it is: The last time I filed a tax return was roughly ten years ago. Prior to that, I had an amazing job, owned my home, and was moving toward getting married. Then everything fell apart. … Read more