I Forgot My Tax Number

I Forgot My Tax Number

Question: Dear Steve, Will like to know my tax number I need my tax number. Answer: Well, that sucks. It is not clear exactly what kind of number you were issued. You may have a Social Security Number (SSN) that you use or if you don’t have an SSN then you might have applied for … Read more

How to Deal With a New 1099-C Issued on Old Debt Using Little Known IRS Form 4598

It seems more and more people are getting tax form 1099-C issued now for the forgiveness of old debt from as long as twenty years ago. That’s a problem for consumers. This old debt is sometimes called “zombie debt” because it appears to come back from the dead. The first thing you should do is … Read more

My 1099-C Has a Code F and Code G On It

Question: Dear Steve, My wife got 2 1099-C’s this year (1/30/2021). One had an identifiable date as 12/31/2017 and Identifiable Code G and the other had 12/31/2020 the date and a Code F. 2nd creditor (code F) had sold this account to 3rd party debt collector about two years before and we had no agreement … Read more

How Do I Reduce My IRS Installment Payment if I Can’t Reach the IRS?

Question: Dear Steve, I’ve been on a payment plan from the 2014-15-16 installment agreement – IRS keeps hanging up on me, and I cannot get thru to them to lower monthly payments. Can you help lower payments? Robyn Answer: Dear Robyn, Ultimately the IRS is the one controlling your payment. Here is the specific advice … Read more

My Wife Was Issued a 1099-C By American Express for Her Sister’s Debt

Question: Dear Steve, A 1099C was issued in my wife’s name for debt her sister incurred and that was credited to my wife as income to the IRS. This was of an approved settlement my sister paid to American Express. I spoke to American Express Customer service three times and was told there is no … Read more

How Can I Get My 1099-C Reported in the Correct Year?

Question: Dear Steve, I had a joint auto loan from 2015, my ex was the only person to ever use the car. Divorced in 2016. Her car her responsibility in divorce we agreed. She didn’t pay, Car repossessed in 2018. Settled Dec 2019/Jan 2020. I sent the payment in December but they didn’t process until … Read more

The FTC Is Investigating Intuit Over TurboTax Practices

The Federal Trade Commission has been investigating Intuit and its marketing of TurboTax products, following ProPublica’s reporting that the Silicon Valley company deceived tax filers into paying when they could have filed for free. The FTC probe, run out of the commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, centers on whether Intuit violated the law against unfair … Read more

I Just Got a 1099-C Form for a Debt From 16 Years Ago

Question: Dear Steve, I received a 1099-C for charge off debt in 2004. I filed my taxes already. This debt occurred when I was married. Divorced for more than 6 years. The single parent no child support. I support my household alone. Can I claim insolvent on this based on my the household falls on … Read more

Trump Signs Order on Payroll Tax But Watch Nasty Surprise or Pay Up

Happy Couple Tablet

President Trump just signed a new executive order, “Deferring Payroll Tax Obligations in Light of the Ongoing COVID-19 Disaster.” For those unemployed and receiving benefits, it doesn’t mean much. For people that are employed an impression people may come away with is taxes withheld will be waived. The executive order says the halt to the … Read more

We Are Trying to Find Some Solution for Our Credit Card and Tax Debt

Question: Dear Steve, Self Employed real estate professional – 54 years old – making decent money even during the pandemic, but debt and tax issues straining emotions and marriage (30+ years and 4 kids). My wife and I are Realtors and have been self-employed (mostly) since 2005. We got behind on state and federal taxes … Read more

Do I Really Have to Repay the IRS for Old Debt?

Question: Dear Jim, Over 23 years ago I owe the IRS $6000 for an overpayment/refund from them. Over the years that amount was changed with penalties and interest is now $200000 or more. Now I 72 years old and have been receiving SSN with a garnishment payment every month. Last year they took $2000 out. … Read more