Jeffrey Aleman of Legal Helpers Does a Good Thing in Wisconsin

Attorneys who were involved in the debt settlement firm Legal Helpers Debt Resolution eventually faced all sorts of legal issues, lawsuits, and the loss of their law license.

Now I don’t know if there was any bigger strategic plan for doing what I’m about to tell you but for once, an attorney in this mess looks like they stepped up and did an honorable thing.

According to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, Jeffrey Aleman was the subject of a disciplinary proceeding against him by the Office of Lawyer Regulation.

The public opinion in the matter, filed on December 23, 2015, stated Wisconsin was seeking to impose the same two year suspension of Aleman’s law license as a result of two counts of misconduct.

Attorney Aleman and the OLR entered into a stipulation whereby Attorney Aleman agrees it would be appropriate for this court to impose the level of discipline sought by the OLR director, namely, a two-year suspension of Attorney Aleman’s license to practice law in Wisconsin. The stipulation notes that Attorney Aleman’s misconduct in Illinois stemmed from co-founding and working with a national debt settlement firm, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. The Illinois Supreme Court found that Attorney Aleman violated the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct (IRPC).

But here is the part which I find so refreshing in my stupid liberal second chance way. I hope it indicates a new path for Aleman.

The document states:

Attorney Aleman does not claim that any of the defenses found in SCR 22.22(3)(a)-(c) apply. Attorney Aleman further states that his entry into the stipulation did not result from plea bargaining. He represents that he fully understands the misconduct allegations; he fully understands the ramifications should the court impose the stipulated level of discipline; he fully understands his right to contest this matter; he fully understands his right to consult with counsel; and his entry into the stipulation is made knowingly and voluntarily and represents his decision not to contest the misconduct alleged in the OLR’s complaint or the level and type of discipline sought by the OLR director. – Source

So while I don’t know why exactly Aleman decided to just stand up and accept the decision, it’s a welcome relief to see some acceptance along this sad journey.

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Props are due.

Extra props would be due if Aleman would submit to me a “lessons learned” guest post. I ask so many people who have been busted for a guest post and they generally never respond.

It’s such a shame to waste such great tragedy by not using it as the foundation of lessons about what others in the debt relief industry can avoid doing, from personal experience.

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