I’m Being Chased in the UK for Debt From the UAE by Coyle White Devine

“Dear Jon,

Coyle and White have chased debt from the UAE and have served a charge on my property how can I get out of it and is it legal – it seems a common problem now this for UK citizens

As above s it legal and how much do I pay or can I go into uk laws to solve the problem



You are correct that we are seeing more and more of people in the UK being chased for debt in the UAE. So much so that I did some research on this.

I spoke with a representative of Coyle and White and was informed they can collect UAE debt as an agent of the bank(s), in the UK as there is a “non-jurisdiction” clause stating the account can be collected anywhere in the world.

You can read more on this here.

It appears you have sought out legal advice, which is a wise move.

As the debt is being collected here in the UK, you have all the laws, rights, and options afforded you here in the UK. However, with a CCJ and Enforcement Order already in place, getting these side aside is your best option; which it appears you are attempting to have done.

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Sorry I do not have better news, or options/advice.

Having a Charging Order on a property as you know is not good, and in most instances if the order is not lifted or set aside, it is paid when the property is sold. In very rare instances would a creditor request, or a judge allow the forced sale of someone’s home.

How much was the debt for?

Can you work out a repayment plan if the order is not lifted?

Let me know how you get on with this.



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