Will I Be Detained Entering the UK for Poll Tax?

“Dear Jon,

Moved to USA got behind on poll tax, house was repossessed in UK, small overdraft with bank and credit card payment. Did not receive any correspondence from anyone about debts.

Coming back into UK for a visit, will I be stopped and detained at airport or can I be stopped from leaving?

Do the debts accrue interest or do they go away?

Thanks so much for your help.



How long has it been since you left the UK?

How much in total do you owe back in the UK?

Most debts do accrue interest while they are in default or arrears. There can a point where interest is no longer being added on, but this can take time.

If a creditor has had no contact with you for a period of six (6) years, the debts can be statute barred, or no longer owed. However, the definition of attempted contact can be a grey area.

People who owe debts in the UK are not stopped or detained upon arrival or leaving.

There were reports of some people a while back who owed TV licence fees and fines being detained whilst leaving the UK on holiday, but that was rare and I have heard of no reports of this in over a year.



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