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Cooling & Winter – Consumer Complaint – August 29, 2016

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

Recently we applied for a refinance lower interest mortgage. All things were going well with our 700+ score and credit. Without our knowledge a debt collection agency which we have never heard of had placed a lien on our house. The attorney that we had representing us to settle these debts has never helped in any situation took $9300 of ours to pay the debtors, but instead kept the money holding us with the bag of debts that we had negotiated with him to handle.

Furthermore we had paid the debt with additional $1000 to Midland Funding through the Fred Hanna Law Offices in Marietta Ga. Upon our loan approval and the set for a closing date, a new debt collector we had never heard of filed this lien against our property …we did not know anything had existed. All three credit bureaus did not show a lien at all.

Things changed overnight about our loan. The attorney the bank was using called this debt collector for the verification of the debt, without our prior knowledge or approval. The debt collector sent a letter to this attorney, using Matthews Law Firm address, by fax giving our personal information with the amount that was not true…they lied. The closing attorney, whom we have never talked with in many years, demanded that we pay this debt in order to close the loan. We feel that he was out of line and not given authority to handle this already paid debt with an additional amount of $2500. My wife, who was the party they claimed who owed, was violated against under the Section 1692c(b) of the FDCPA, by both the attorney and this Cooling and Winter Law Group debt collectors.

Consumer Action Taken:

Since this Cooling and Winter of Midland Funding, LLC, they say they own, has never contacted us by certified mail, mail or phone regarding any claim. Fred Hanna, in 2012, was the last people we talked with who was representing Midland. We don’t know what has happened in the change over. Midland has never verified our signature on any document of a charge card account bearing my wife’s name. According to the FDCPA Midland or any of its subsidiary attorney collectors is owed this money, even after they scammed us in 2012 to pay them $1000.00.

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Without verification, we did not know at the time there was a provision in the FDCPA for debts; and with our attorney Arturo Matthews of Matthews Law out of Los Angeles CA failure in answering this Midland claim nor any intervention given by him. We were scammed by him.

This closing attorney Scotty Baugh of Melvin and Frost of Gainesville GA telephoned Cooling and Winter, which we have never heard of until last Thursday to ask about our debt. Cooling and Winter shared information that was a violation of FDCPA Section 1692c(b). Both are in violation of this act we believe. We paid additional $1000 in 2012 to Midland via Fred Hanna Law firm which we referred them to Matthews Law Firm to handle this claim. This was not done, this is another violation of being scammed by Matthews. We thought everything had been settled and handled. We do not know what has happened that now four years later we are being charged with this account again for $2500. We paid that amount by a charge card, we feel that we were forced to do so by Scotty Baugh and Cooling and Winter, in order to close our loan.

I can share more, but we need an attorney who will give us assistance to file a claim to the FDCPA regarding the violation by Scotty Baugh, an unauthorized Attorney, and Cooling and Winter, unauthorized communication to this Attorney without every contacting us regarding this lien we had not known of.

And we have been scammed by Matthews Law for $9300 for not handling this claim in 2012 and is still being informed of their responsibility. Cooling and Winter sent a letter to Matthews on August 23, 2016.

We need help from you to reclaim our losses and rectify the violations.

Date This Problem Happened: August 29, 2016

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State You Live in: Georgia

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,524

Company Name: Cooling & Winter

Company Address:

1355 Roswell Road Suite 240
Marietta, , Ga 30062

Company Telephone Number: 866-810-9561

Website of Company:

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