Can A U.S. Collection Company File Criminal Charges Over Dubai Debt? – Jose

“Dear Jon,

I left Dubai with a loan amounting to almost £20,000 and right now I’m in the united states.

Now Bilkish emailed me and found out where I work and also sent mails to my new employer threatening to file criminal charges against me, how will they do it if I’m here in the states?




I do understand your concerns, and while a collection agency or bank may make threats to you in America, being in debt there is not a crime. Even if your debts stem from another country where debt is a crime, there would be a lot of precedents and legal matters that would need to occur before you could be charged with a crime.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that banks in Dubai are outsourcing the collection of their accounts to collection agencies and/or selling them onto collection agencies in other countries.

If they do this, the debt has to be collected in accord with the laws of that country, and you are afforded the rights of that country with any accounts you may have.

I have not heard of any debts/accounts in Dubai being placed with an agent in the USA. That does not mean it would not occur. But so far, I have not heard of this.

And it would not be a criminal action.

I hope this helps.



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