Debt Articles Signs Famous Second Chance Olympic Medalist as Spokesperson

Written by Steve Rhode

Well has gone and done it. They’ve done something I never would have imagined but good for them.

After the Brazil Olympics and the unnecessary public relations nightmare that was Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte “bathroom conflab”, brilliantly saw a great opportunity to give Lochte a second chance at doing something great.

The endorsement deal inked between and Ryan Lochte seems so perfect given that people with financial problems are caught in the same nightmarish emotional situation that Lochte was, and everyone is looking for a second chance and a shot at a better life.

Lochte’s deal of course made me chuckle since his alcohol fueled Brazil celebrations that penned his infamous Brazil footnote, pissed off so many people for his pissing behind a gas station. But you know what, thank goodness they did not have security cameras when I was in college and then again an additional thanks for me not being famous at the time.

According to a USA Today camera person who visited the ill fated gas station where Lochte allegedly created his need for a second chance, they reported after the incident they “found no damage to the soap dispensers, mirrors or door, and none of those items appeared to be new.” Who knows what the truth is about the Brazil situation that Lochte and some of his buddies faced, but you know what, who cares?

I don’t judge Lochte for doing something stupid like I don’t judge good people who find themselves in a bad financial situation. Everyone deserves a second chance and so does Ryan Lochte and I think it’s fantastic that saw that opportunity to give the guy an opportunity to do good from a bad situation.

However, if there is one television commercial that features Ryan walking from around a garage zipping up his pants, then congratulations retracted. I can see it now, not only is Lochte the perfect second chance spokesperson but he’s also the perfect person to deliver the line, “Are you pissed off by your creditors or collectors?” I’m betting that’s not going to be a line in a future commercial.

READ  FTC Puts Debt Relief Business - Out of Business Because of Marketing Activities, the company that helps people get a fresh start with their finances ‘when life happens,’ says Lochte will appear in television commercials that will promote the site and convey the message that can help people fix their financial lives and move forward to better futures. And that’s a message I try to deliver every day as well.

“ gives Americans a chance for a new beginning, and I am glad to be involved with a company dedicated to helping people with the opportunity to get back on their feet and move forward,” Lochte commented.

Now that’s the way to move forward from a bad situation.

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