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Consolidation Loan

I Want to Get Out of Debt But Not Hurt My Credit. – Marie

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“Dear Steve, I currently owe $18,000 in credit card debt and my payments total over $500 a month. I also have a car loan of $11,000 and am paying $214 a month. I am current on all my bills and have never made a late payment but I am starting to get overwhelmed and will not be able to keep ... Read More »

I Can Never Seem to Reduce My Credit Card Debt. – Mary Ann

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“Dear Steve, My credit card debt is $17,000 & has been for years. I don’t have bad credit & never miss a payment but it seems as if I’m spinning my wheels & my balances never go down. All my cards are maxed & soon as I get 1 down a little something comes up & I have to use ... Read More »

Citibank is Holding Me Over a Barrel With Change in Terms. – Steve

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“Dear Steve, I have had a Citibank card for 20 years. I carry just under $15,000 in debt. Recently I received notice from them that the terms of my account are changing. Included is an increase in the variable to 18.99% from 14.240%. They have given me the right to opt out and pay down my balance on my current ... Read More »

Can You Help Me Find a Debt Consolidation Company That Will Work With Me? – Scott

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“Dear Steve, I am about $8000 in credit card debt and behind on payments. My interest rates went through the roof and I just cant seem to get ahead on the payments. This all started as a result of two job layoffs and backed up unemployment benefits. I now have a steady job but dont make the money I was ... Read More »

Should I Payoff My Credit Cards With a HELOC or a 401(k) Loan? – David

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“Dear Steve, I have 2 high interest credit cards I want to eliminate quickly.I am considering obtaining a HELOC at 4.25% vs borrowing from one of my 401-k and repaying it at 6.25%. Do you have advice on which should be the preferred solution or do you have a better idea? David”   Dear David, Leave the 401(k) alone. The ... Read More »

Can I Refinance My Car or Consolidate All Debt? – Rose

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“Dear Steve, I have about $45K worth of debt. I have four credit cards with balances of $500 each. I have IRS debt of $1600 and $3000 balance on Best buy card. And a $38K auto loan. Truthfully, its the auto loan that is killing me. I pay 13% interest. SO now my loan is upside down. its higher then ... Read More »

My Ultimate Goal is to Reduce My Monthly Payments and Get Out of Debt. – Nicole

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“Dear Steve, My debt is as follows: $8.5k – Chase Mastercard, $2.6k – Amex, $2.6k – Macy’s Visa, $2.6k – Best Buy, $500 – Discover. I have inerest rates between 21% and 28% on all of the cards due to late payments. Right now I am current on all of the cards but I am only able to make minimum ... Read More »

We Were Turned Down By LendingClub.com. – Natasha

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“Dear Steve, I am married with two young children. We moved in with my mother with the hopes of purchasing a home to take advantage of the first time homebuyers credit. Once we were told that the requirements of the FHA were changed and we needed more down payment, we decided to put the house off. Now, we are doing ... Read More »

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