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Russell Dalbey Dashed Doing Deceptive Dialing


It never ever ends. It seems consumers have always been and will always be the target to scams and bogus efforts to separate them from their money. The Federal Trade Commission has just announced that Russell and Catherine Dalbey – who allegedly defrauded consumers with promises of making big bucks by brokering seller-financed promissory notes – have settled with the ... Read More »

    Fake Testimonials Nail Company. FTC Watching.

    Ready to Collapse

    And here is why debt relief websites should not use fake consumer testimonials. This just out today from the FTC. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? The Federal Trade Commission has charged Russell Dalbey, the CEO and founder of the company behind the “wealth-building” program “Winning in the Cash Flow Business,” with defrauding consumers, ... Read More »

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