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Half of Americans Tapped Out and Broke. Anyone Surprised?

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The National Bureau of Economic Research recently released a paper that looked at the “financial fragility” of households. They determined fragility as the inability to come up with $2,000 in 30 days or less. Approximately one quarter of Americans report that they would certainly not be able to come up with such funds, and an additional 19% would do so ... Read More »

    Which is the Best Way to Tackle Our Credit Card Debt? – Erica

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    “Dear Steve, We have always had pretty good credit and always paid our bills on time. My parents had some hard times so when we didn’t have enough we used credit to help them get out of binds. Still we managed to pay all our bills on time. Then the economy took a dive and my husband went to 3-day ... Read More »

      Bank of America Has Ignored My Requests for a Loan Modification. – Patti

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      “Dear Steve, Single mom, monthly bills have increased greatly; no salary increasse for three years; helping son through college; recent breast cancer survivor. Bank of America has ignored my requests for a loan modification. I owe $145,000. and my home is worth at best $80,000. I get paid twice a month with one check covering my mortgage payment and car, ... Read More »

        Barely Getting By… What Do I Do? Jennifer

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        “Dear Steve, I went through a traumatizing divorce and got a lump sum with which I paid down all the credit cards. I had to live on them for a while. I have 2 small kids that are sick alot and one is ADD/ Dyslexic so I am not able to work a full time job. I was working for ... Read More »

          I’m a Car Salesman Limping Along in Debt. – Bryan

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          “Dear Steve, Right now i currently owe around 24k to credit cards and have a car payment (400) and rent of ($1000). I sell cars for a living so my income fluctuates greatly. The reason I am in so much debt is because ive never had any savings and when things hit the fan i used plastic. Recently I was ... Read More »

            Our Expenses are High and So We Are in Debt. What Should We Do? – Scott

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            “Dear Steve, We have around $37,000 in credit card debit that is becoming unmanageable – day care is a high cost but we have no other choices for that. We don’t want to use our 401k or 403 B and have a mini van with lots of miles that will not last much longer. We’ve been looking at debt settlements ... Read More »

              I Feel Like I Just Threw a Bunch of Money Away. – Donnie

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              “Dear Steve, I had written to you a while back but could not find my original so am writing again. i am struggling really hard, i went from having no credit cards until 1999 to having too many, never made a late pmt. but because i was no longer working, disabled, started getting credit cards to live on. in 03, ... Read More »

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