American Debt Support Makes Some Interesting Statements About Bankruptcy

American Debt Support (americandebtsupport.com archive) makes some very peculiar statements on their site which seem intended in turning people away from bankruptcy and towards their debt validation and settlement services. They reminded me of similar statements that were included in the allegations of the class action suit against Metron Services and Miracle Debt Group. Prominently …

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Wise Counsel Debt Solutions Review

Address: Wise Counsel Debt Solutions 2373 Northwest 185th Ave, Suite 140 Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 1-886-738-9295 Tel: (503) 747-0268 Fax: (503) 747-8613 Warning: Address may actually be a mailbox at the UPS Store at this location. No physical street address given. Website: WiseCounselFinancial.com www.mychoicedebtmanagement.com – According to BBB. Description: Wise Counsel has been researching and monitoring …

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