Trump Signs Order on Payroll Tax But Watch Nasty Surprise or Pay Up

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President Trump just signed a new executive order, “Deferring Payroll Tax Obligations in Light of the Ongoing COVID-19 Disaster.” For those unemployed and receiving benefits, it doesn’t mean much. For people that are employed an impression people may come away with is taxes withheld will be waived. The executive order says the halt to the …

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I’m Way Behind in Paying My Payroll Taxes. How Can I Work With IRS? – Daniel

“Dear Jim, I own a fire protection company that does around 4 million a year. It is a c corp. We are $500,000 behind in payroll tax,s. Our business is picking up substantually and I believe we will make it through this extreme situation Can you help me What is the best way to work …

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We Did Not Pay Our Payroll Tax and Now Owe the IRS. What Should We Do? – Annitra

“Dear Jim, My husband and I have a small business. He did not pay our payroll taxes. He used the tax money to run the business. The IRS has our account on hold at this time because technically he does not have a job. He says he is looking for a job and the IRS …

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