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Dear Steve,

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I recently consolidated $78,000 of Federal Student Loans and entered into the RePAYE Plan. In the past year I got married, and understand that in RePAYE my spouse’s income must be included in the repayment calculations when I re-certify. FedLoan is currently serving my loans.

When I re-certify can I switch to a different income-driven plan, for instance, IBR Plan, that does not require my husbands income if we file our taxes separately?

Peggy Sue


Dear Peggy Sue,

Good news. I think you can go ahead and switch now and not wait a whole year. And I think that’s a smart move to get out of a plan that requires both. There is not requirement I’m aware of that would stop you from switching into a qualifying repayment plan at any time.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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