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Core Advisory Group – Consumer Complaint – October 12, 2016

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Update October 17, 2016

I was informed today that the consumer has now received a full refund. Thank you Core Advisory Group.

Update October 25, 2016

My name is Devin Benter and I am responding to you regarding complaints filed against Core Advisory Group. Core Advisory Group is a company that was owned by Trung ‘Mike’ Luong aka Mike Lee, aka Travis Anglar ([email protected]) aka [email protected], Jason Rigor ([email protected]) aka Trung Luong, Core Evidence ([email protected]), &

Contracts were signed by him and funds paid by clients went to his bank account. I worked with Mike as a consultant and shared office space with him where I operated other business ventures. Mike became disgruntled about the business and essentially abandoned the files in April/May of 2016. The team in place as well as myself have tried to finish out these files that were abandoned. Things recently came to a head after Trung ‘Mike’ Luong began text blasting and email blasting his former clients telling them that Core Advisory Group (the company he owns in his name) is a scam and that there is a “consumer alert” issued against the company. He and his associates (former general manager of Core Advisory Group) Brett Matsuura aka Brett Masters & aka Matthew Johnson have advised clients to file complaints against me and my company and he has created a website where he has posted information in order to defame me and my family, my co-workers and this business. Additionally, they are then trying to convert these people into new clients for their new ventures, there are a few and more we are unaware of but a few of them are, Rezolve Consulting, and there are more that are hidden so that no one can find their information. They direct people to the website; & in order to lead them to believe they are receiving free advice but ultimately when they ask to learn more they are solicited for modification services and to pay for their services (See attachment).

We have reached out to the Pompeo’s and explained the situation and provided them with a copy of the contract signed by Mike Luong and the Utah Secretary of State Paperwork showing he was the owner of the company when they signed up. We have also issued them a refund though funds were paid to Luong.

There is an open investigation into Trung ‘Mike’ Luong for identity theft and data breach and a temporary restraining order has been granted against him due to his threatening text messages he has been sending to one of our co-workers and my wife. Bottom line is this is a private matter and it is unfortunate that it is being litigated online with no filter. We are trying to do the right thing and close out these files.

Colleagues in Law was a former business that I owned, which for a time utilized a third party processing center JD United/Advocacy Department to handle our files. This company also accepted files from a company called HOPE and as a result of MARS rule violations, HOPE as well as JD United/Advocacy Department were shut down. We never shared an office with this company, and were only linked to them as an affiliate who sent them files. At the time of the shutdown there was correspondence between Colleagues in Law and the FTC who decided to not include Colleagues in Law in this case and in fact, in court documents the FTC mentioned that Colleagues in Law had ran an ethical business.

Going forward, we are trying to close out these files and cases and to be there to assist consumers. We are only offering services to help develop and draft content in order to assist consumers in their disputes across various verticals and businesses.


Devin Benter

Original Consumer Complaint

Consumer Statement:

I paid Core Advisory Group $3838 and a notary in Montrose. CO. $150, November 17, 2015 to try to get my home out of an auction sale on Dec. 23, 2015.

Core Advisory. LLC took no action until Dec. 7, when they sent me paperwork to prepare. Unfortunately, I was incarcerated the morning of Dec. 7, 2015 for contempt of court for 30 days as a result of an encounter on our 46 acres of land and home and because I would not sign a paper saying I would not threaten, coerce, intimidate, harass, or sue anyone in the courtroom. The judge actually said, “this is sovereign crap (sic. to my motion) and I’ll not allow it in my court.” Then he altered the verbal record to remove that statement. I found out the latter when my public defender finally represented me when she told me that there was no such statement in the written copy of the hearing. I had told her what he had said and even got an affidavit of those words from 2 other witnesses present that day. She could not believe that a “judge” would alter the written record.

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I am an 71 year old female, arrested on Nov. 9 for defending myself against trained dogs and 20 heavily armed sheriff deputies, all dressed in camo, who invaded the property of my spouse, Steven Duane Curry and myself, Sandra Lee Tyler to arrest Steve for an unknown reason. He spent 7 months at Mesa County Detention Center in Grand Junction and was never told why. My health has deteriorated substantially due to injuries sustained during the Nov. 9th arrest and from fighting back in court when they declared me with contempt of court on Dec. 7, 2015. I can no longer lift my right arm above my head without severe pain.

I had departed from my car and was immediately grabbed on both my forearms by 2 deputies and surrounded by another 4 or more.I had asked the deputies to see their warrant and their oaths of office and they refused, saying they did not have to show me what i asked for as they were there to arrest my spouse. They were physically squeezing my arms so tightly, that I stated they were hurting me and to stop, then lightly slapped one of them on the back of their palm which they stated was ASSAULT and that I WAS NOW UNDER ARREST FOR ASSAULT plus aiding and abetting my spouse, and two other charges. At the hearing, I angered the judge by not signing a paper to forgo my rights. The paper said I was to not threaten, harass, intimidate, coerce, or contact anyone in court. After the contempt charge was ordered, 6 deputies grabbed me in the courtroom, using rough measures, and scaring the daylights out of me. During that scramble, my left thumbnail (I am left-handed)wa s broken half way across the nail, leaving a very sharp edge which scratched one of the deputies and drew blood and consequently was charged with a SERIOUS assault. I was so frightened, I did not know this even happened, my fear overshadowed my reactions.

The judge assigned me a public defender. This PD did not acknowledge she was assigned to my case until she returned from vacation on Dec. 26th. Unfortunately, I was incarcerated the morning of Dec. 7, 2015 for 30 days and released Dec. 29, 2015. while incarcerated, I asked the judge to let me out to save my home but he told me to stop writing him as I had a public defender. when I called that public defender, she said that she was not on my case! Then she went on vacation over the Christmas holiday for 2 weeks, came back, confessed to being my public defender and got me out that very day, Dec. 29th. Hence I had no contact with the e-mails sent by Core Advisory Group until I returned to my home after 3 pm, on Dec. 29th, 6 days after the auction.

While incarcerated, I had no money to put on my commissary to call anyone. They let me call once but their service did not go through to cell phones as we were not able to talk with each other. A friend put money on the account but Montrose County Jail took most of it, leaving me only enough money to buy a mini tube of toothpaste.

I was not released until after 22 days. Hence I had no contact with the e-mails sent by Core Advisory Group, LLC back on Dec. 7, 2015 until I returned to my home after 3 pm, on Dec. 29th, 6 days after the auction. Once released, I found their e-mails with attached files that contained multiple errors and misrepresentations within them made by Core Advisory. LLC. They wanted me to re-write them and make corrections but this was after the auction was over and after I had lost my home of 11 years.

The house was for auction sale on Dec. 23. 2015. No one bid at the auction but Freedom Mortgage bought the house for less than what I paid (they were the holders of the mortgage) after the auction closed. Why did they buy the house when the supposedly already have a deed to the house as stated in their mortgage contract with Steven Duane Curry and Sandra Lee Tyler????? Guess the original contract indeed had faulty language. To top it all off, Steve Curry found out that Freedom Mortgage was not licensed as of 2015 to sell homes in Colorado. However, Freedom Mortgage realized this and paid someone to back date their application to 2010.

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We had stopped paying Freedom Mortgage in April 2015 until they answered our questions about the mortgage which we found out had some illegal language in it. I had tried to get out of jail but was denied by the judge and the public defender was no help until she returned from her vacation and got me out of jail on Dec. 29th via a video conference with a different judge than the one I angered in court. It took her less than an hour!!!!!!!!! to get me released. That could have all been done prior to Dec. 23, 2015 if she had taken the time to validate that she was representing me. However, she did not want to delay her vacation to help me.

The problem with the mortgage on the house started in March 2015. After looking closely at the mortgage paperwork and seeing statements that $50,000 was the amount exchanged for the ownership of the house, Steve Curry and Sandra Tyler requested Freedom Mortgage answer our questions about the wording in the contract that was ambiguous and were told that we would start making our payments again BUT only after they answered our questions. We wrote then again in April and May of 2015.

Then Freedom Mortgage turned the issue over to their very own company called Loan Care, and e-mails ensued for another 3 months, the Jane Way Law got involved on behalf of Freedom Mortgage, and then the law firm of Weinstein & Riley got in the mix. We were notified Sept. 2015 that there would be an auction Dec. 23, 2015. Never once did Freedom Mortgage respond or rebut our questions with our questions with any information.

Somehow Vendor Resource Management hired by the VA claimed they owned the house when all the VA does is guarantee the loan. Vendor resource Management took us to court and we were evicted May 23, 2016 with a mere 24 hours to get out. I was unable to get all I owned out of the house and garage in just 24 hours and consequently lost a lot of lamps, and all the tools at the house. We no longer have home and live in a travel trailer in the woods.

In June 2015, Freedom Mortgage turned the issue over to their very own collection company called Loan Care, and e-mails ensued for another 3 months to try to get us to pay the back months AND interest charges. When they got tired of asking us to pay, Jane Way Law got involved on behalf of Freedom Mortgage, and then the law firm of Weinstein & Riley got in the mix. We were notified Sept. 2015 that there would be an auction Dec. 23, 2015. Never once did Freedom Mortgage respond or rebut our questions with any information.

Freedom Mortgage is actually still sending us paperwork to restart the loan even though they have absconded with over $38,000 in escrow and 9 years of monthly payments at approximately $1900 or $22,800 x 9 years or $205,200.

Consumer Action Taken:

I sent e-mails asking for the return of the full amount, $3838.00 and they held “a hearing”, determining that I only deserved a mere $650.00.

The actual contract was sent in April of 2016.

I requested a full refund as I am on a fixed income and need it since my home was not saved from auction.

Date This Problem Happened: December 7, 2015

State You Live in: Colorado

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,838

Company Name: Core Advisory Group

Company Address:

519 S. Orem Blvd.
Orem, Utah 84058

Company Telephone Number: 877-242-5699

Website of Company:

Documentation: The consumer submitted a number of documents to back up allegations made. The documents contained personal information so those documents were not published here.

Company Contact: An email was sent to the company asking them to respond to the report and turn this into a successfully resolved situation.

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