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“Dear Jon,

Went to uni in London, ended up with two different student accounts, both Lloyds. Left London in 2012 , I said I was leaving the country and closed one account and left the other (with a £700 overdraft) open. I was never contacted but felt guilty enough to phone them 2015 when I finally found a job with a proper income, I asked to close the account and was told I needed to pay £68 in fees. I never got round to paying that- because I am an idiot!!

I am not planning on returning to England- ever, will this debt effect me getting a mortgage here in Ireland at all?

Will this show up in my credit rating?

Also, would the overdraft be raking up a costly bill daily until I contact them, for example would my 700£ now cost me 1400£?

Many thanks,


You are not an idiot, things happen in life, and this is just one of them.

Are you living in NI or ROI? I ask as it could have an effect on your credit rating and obtaining a mortgage.

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Northern Ireland as we know is a part of the UK, and as such has some of the same credit reporting agencies. If the accounts went to a recovery department, they may be reported on your credit history.

I would advise you to obtain a copy of your credit history to see what is on there.

If you are residing in the Republic of Ireland, the odds of the accounts impacting your credit are much lower, to they probably have no impact.

I am unsure if Lloyds continues to charge daily interest on overdrafts and accounts that are as old as the ones you mention. You can always inquire with them. And if you can afford to, you could inquire about some form of repayment plan.

I hope this helps.



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