Am I Getting Scammed by Protection Legal Group? – Michael


Dear Steve,

Have one of these weekly payable business advance loans. Signed up with Protection Legal Group to decrease it, sounded legit. Could not find anything on computer. After 2 weeks of payments to them I see your story on them.

Am I getting scammed?



Dear Michael,

Getting scammed. Now there is a question that is as tough to answer as “how long is a piece of string.”

I have no idea what getting scammed means to you. Everyone has their own definition.

If you read and understood the client agreement you signed with Protection Legal Group and the services described in the client agreement are what you wanted to purchase then you simply exercised your best judgment on who to hire to provide you with a service. I’m sure there was not a guarantee of results.

Protection Legal Group, or any company, can provide you with an exceptional level of service but that doesn’t mean your creditors can’t challenge it if they have a basis to do so.

Your creditors want you to pay the full amount you owe. You’ve hired a company and paid them a fee to attempt to not pay the full amount owed. Those two positions are not compatible and require a meeting of the minds to come to a satisfactory solution. Your creditors are not required to agree.

Your creditors may not take the same aggressive stance that Forward Financing did. You’d have to discuss that with Protection Legal Group to get a better idea of what their past outcomes with your creditors have been.

If you would like to do your own research and reach your own conclusions about Protection Legal Group then you can use the following guides:

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  2. 10 Must Do Steps to Find the Best Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Company for You
  3. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off


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9 thoughts on “Am I Getting Scammed by Protection Legal Group? – Michael”

  1. we were scammed as well by same Legal Protection Group. they negotiated a settlement and took their savings. Now we are being sued by the original lender because PLG did not send the final payment to the lender as agreed. Original Lender has taken the funds from our credit card processor and we are left with legal fees and being sued. PLG does nothing except negotiate a saving for them and then let you hang dry. DO NOT USE THEM!!!

  2. Hi Steve…. It’s pretty amazing how you managed to demonize Protection Legal Group. Yet in the same article you mention the name and number of “YOUR get out of debt guy.” Is this just a coincidence?

  3. Thank you for your comments. I was just getting ready to consider using them, but now I will cancel. I have not signed anything yet.

  4. Stop payments to them immediately if you already haven’t. I was enrolled for about 4 months and payed a total of $12,406.80 to the escrow account. There was no result and my creditor filed litigation against me. I requested a cancellation of the program and withdrawal of the funds in escrow. Only then did I find that they had been withdrawing money every week and there was only $2,757 left. I had been told that the money remained in escrow (except for $25 per month escrow fee) until I approved a settlement offer. Instead, they took 77% of the money I had paid towards debt settlement without even any statement or anything letting me know they were doing it. If any one else is doing their due diligence to consider doing business with them- DON’T DO IT!


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