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Bilkish is Chasing Me From the Philippines for UAE Debts and I Work in Saudi Arabia

Written by Jon Emge

“Dear Jon,

I have a debts on credit card in Rak Bank, UAE 6 years ago, I didn’t pay my debts because my employer cancelled my employment to them and I lost my job, now I’m working in Saudi Arabia.

This collector from BILKISH Phil. called me and she said that i have to pay my debts on UAE. She said that they file case against me in my company and the immigration will cancelled my working visa.

My question now is this BILKSH Phil. has an authority to file a case here in K.S.A and it is possible that the immigration can cancelled my working visa.

Please advise me so that I know what can I do.




To my knowledge and research, Bilkish may make threats about having your Visa cancelled, but they do not have the authority to do so I would advise you to speak to immigration there in Saudi Arabia, and/or also who sponsored you for the Visa.

This does not mean that they may not take action against you in UAE. So you may wish to stay in contact with them to know what actions may have been taken.

As to what to do, can you afford to repay the account? Will Bilkish entertain the idea of a repayment plan if you can afford one?

Let me know any additional information you have or find out, and if you can also forward any correspondence it may be helpful.



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  • hi jon
    similar problem i have, i left UAE 2016, and i have a loan, because my company force terminated us per dept. i dont have a choice, i look for a job that can pay them monthly, unfortunately i could not find one, so i decided to run my home country, im here now in phils. before they are messaging me using their bank email and some law office residing in UAE, but them 4days ago someone emailed me residing here in phils. i checked the law office and it is legit, do they have a jurisdiction here in my country? what should i do? i hope u can hive me an advice, thanks!

  • Hi! This is my first time commenting to anything. But I badly need an advice for my mom..
    My mom worked for 9 years in Saudi Arabi. She is a single mom of 5 kids. Unfortunately due to Saudi session, my mom was terminated, because of this she wasn’t able to settle her loans. 1 year later, some fake facebook account was messaging all pur relatives asking my mom’s whereabouts and contact details. Months later, we received a call from Bilkish company forcing her to pay her debt in 72 hrs. My mom almost fainted. We are not financially secured. We don’t have a father. My mom is all I got. She is terribly sick now and we still need to earn and support her medications.. yet Bilkish doesn’t stop calling and threatening us. I badly need a help for this. 🙁

      • Proper coordination. You don’t need to panic. Coordinate to them possible they will help your mother. I had an experience to that and i coordinate to them and now i am debt free because they help me.

  • Hi all. It’s a bit of a minefield, and if you don’t do things right you can end up in an Interpol Red notice and jailed when you pass through an airport. Even though Interpol does not enforce debt, UAE banks reclassify the debt as fraud, and Interpol does not check the validity of the offence. Even though this practise is illegal. If The UAE gets you extradited, you have to do a 3 year sentence in jail, but then you have to stay in jail until the debt is cleared (which may be never) I am head of client relations for Stirling and Partners. We specialise in UAE debt and other UAE law cases where expats fall foul of an unfamiliar legal system. Mainly police checks (see if you will be arrested trying to get in or out of Dubai, even CHANGING PLANES in Dubai) Also Interpol Checks, plus removal from the interpol Red Notice list. You can contact me in confidence for advice on [email protected]

  • Hi,

    I am having similar condition. Some Collection Company guy is calling me and even he called my employer. I am having an outstanding 20,000 AED amount on my credit card in UAE and i left a year ago.
    I want to know that what could be the consequences if i will not be able to settle that amount.

    • Hi,

      Depending on what country you are now residing in, and where the collection company is based, will determine as to what they collection firm can do.

      Some loans have a “non-jurisdiction” clause, which means the bank can assign the debt out to an agent to be collected in another country, in accord with that country laws.

      What country are you now living in?

      If you can provide me some more details, I can advise further.



      • Let Bilkish file a case against you to determine if the value is correct as sometimes they charge more than you owe. Let the Law decides how much you need to pay. They will not do that as filing a case is costly and they know that they will not win for so many reasons. If they call your relatives, just informed them that these people calling you are scammers. Now a days your relatives also know that scammers were everywhere so it is easy for them to believe that these are scammer strategy.

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