Kevin Devoto Keeps Asking Me to Purge Articles About Him

Kevin Devoto, of debt relief fame, keeps asking me to remove this link on the site that lists all the articles about him. He claims that the existence of articles about him is causing his kids to get bullied in school.

I responded to Kevin on March 1st and said:

“Are your children being impacted by my reporting of factual information or the things you’ve been involved with and done? I did not create the problem here. The underlying issues you had a hand in, did.

Besides, deleting my articles is not going to remove your easily searchable past actions from the internet. https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?8861-USA-CardServices-Colony-1-We-think-it-s-a-scam

Here is what I can do. I’m a firm believer in redemption stories. If you’ve learned a lesson and now see how the series of shortcuts and fraudulent activities was a poor choice to make then tell that story and submit it in a guest post. Let’s help someone else from having their children face the issues your past actions created.

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America loves to give people second chances so write up the mistakes you made, lessons learned, and why readers should give you a second chance. I’m giving you a platform to redeem yourself, the ball is in your court.


Yet Kevin continues to email me again-and-again asking for the articles to be deleted.

I did notice that a Kevin Devoto was named in a recent case that was filed in Texas. This case was Enterprise Financial Group v. Integrity Protection Group, Adserv, Greenlight Auto Protection, Proeco Solutions, Owen McCollough, Joseph Tyler Walski, Jason Randall Cox, David Glenwinkel, Kristi Crowley, and Kevin Devoto. – Source

The only reason I’m publishing this post today is because of Kevin’s continued and repeated requests to remove articles about him. I wanted to make sure there was a record of my offer for redemption and my standing offer to all to let me know if any information I’ve reported on is incorrect or not factual. I’ve even got a form to report errors.

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People make mistakes and some learn from them. If anyone wants to step forward and share what they’ve learned to help others and redeem themselves in the debt relief space, I’ll gladly give you a platform to do so. My offer to Kevin stands. My offer to all stands.

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