Surging Education Tax and Federal Student Tax Scam Targeting College Students

If you know of someone you care about in college, let them know about this scam the FBI has just warned the public about that targets higher education students.

Fake “Education Tax” Scam

This scam seems to play on the likely filing by a student that claimed an educational tax credit. The scammers are also calling and demanding payment for Federal Student Tax, American Opportunity Tax Credit, or College Education Tax Credit.

The IRS and the FBI will never contact an individual by telephone regarding taxes owed or to request an immediate payment of past due taxes. All communications between the IRS and an individual are sent via U.S. mail. The IRS will never threaten to immediately send the police to arrest an individual for not paying taxes. In addition, the IRS will never require you to pay via a prepaid debit card or gift card. Unsuspecting college students have lost a significant portion of their savings to this crime.

How the scam works:

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