Michael Bovee Give Us His Impression Of the Liberty Aid Sales Pitch

I was asked recently what I thought of the product Liberty Aid was promoting. So I turned to Michael Bovee for his opinion. Here is Michael had to say.

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Back when I first started out in the debt relief industry, there were books, and fringe websites circulating about how “federal reserve notes aren’t money”, or how “your signature creates money”, and even how your social security number is a secret account worth a million dollars you could tap… by creating fictitious instruments and passing them off as real.

Blending in with some of the more whack-a-doodle debt elimination theories back in the 90’s was something much more substantive called debt validation. Because you have a legal right to request debt validation from a debt collector (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), and also because most debts, like credit cards, land with a debt collector at some point, there are very real elements to debt validation requests than can lend to the appearance that a debt relief profiteer (read scam) is working as advertised.

And from the debt elimination/debt validation warrior roots, stems people and companies taking debt validation and twisting it into some convoluted process for credit repair.

Checking out the about page for Liberty Aid, and you will see what I mean:

  1. Simply get a bill or your credit report that shows a debt.
  2. Send a letter to have that debt validated.
  3. Give them another chance to validate the debt.
  4. Since the debt is now not validated, enforce that the debt is being collected fraudulently to have debt removed forever and collect your fines.

Sending disputes and debt validation requests will not change the typical debt collection and credit reporting pipe line. You do not need to send someone thousands, or even a $100, for information about how to avoid paying. That is free. Just stop paying. The collection process will take its course. And credit reporting will take its course.

You cannot wave a magic debt validation wand and have your debt disappear from collections, or from your credit reports.

If you have a legitimate concern about the validity of a debt a collector says you owe, use one of the CFPB debt collection letters that are free. If you find incomplete or incorrect information on your credit reports, you can dispute them at no charge.

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