Well Bless Danny’s Heart – EAC Student Loan Contracts – Biz Op Refund

Today Damon Day and I talk about three quick topics. The first is a reader comment from our last podcast on debt validation. Danny sure is irritated by the podcast. Next, we talk about the termination of financing agreements for student loan assistance services. Finally, we discuss how the FTC is sending refund checks to … Read more

How Do I Get My Money Back From Burlington Financial?

Question: Dear Steve, I had paid Burlington Financial $13,947.00 to help me get out of credit card debt. Now, this occurred in 2015. 1. How can l get my money back if they have not followed through with their obligations? Citronella Answer: Dear Citronella, I think you are actually talking about Burlington Financial Group. If … Read more

Navient Sent Me the Personal Information of Someone Else When I Tried to Validate My Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, I asked student loan Navient to provide me with proof the student loan is mine. They sent a list of loans, but the signature page was not mine. It was someone else name, address, social security number. I mean all of there personal information. What should be my next step? Joseph Answer: … Read more

I Noticed Golden Financial Services is Working With Actify Solutions on Debt Validation

Question: Dear Steve, I noticed Golden Financial Services is pushing their “Debt Validation” as a way to save more money compare to debt settlement with various internet marketing. I did more research and found they use a company called Actify Solutions for this debt validation. By reading through the BBB complaints of Actify Solutions, I … Read more

Is Coast Processing Legit? They Use Attorneys From Litigation Practice Group.

Question: Dear Steve, $20k in credit card debt, trying to do a “debt validation” Is Coast Processing legit? They claim to use attorneys from Litigation Practice Group. Staci Answer: Dear Staci, These kinds of questions are tough to answer because “legit” means something different to just about everyone. What we have here are two different … Read more

ECMC to Go Suck an Egg

Educational Credit Management Corporation [ECMC] is the Department of Education’s premier student-loan debt collector. ECMC has appeared in literally hundreds of student-loan bankruptcy cases, and it knows all the legal tricks for defeating a student-loan borrower’s efforts to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. And most of the time ECMC wins its cases. But not always. … Read more

I Can Guarantee to Make All Your Credit Card Debt and Student Loans Magically Go Away Fast And You’ll Have Better Credit

Yes, that’s right. As many consumers know, when they call one of the many commissioned sales representatives at the average debt relief company they hear about the incredible things the company can do to make debt go away. But did they tell you about the following potential benefits? If you’ve talked to a company who … Read more

Macklock National Credit Agreement Paints Opposite Message From Sales Agent

A reader sent me in the client agreement for Macklock National Credit and said, “She was current on all of her bills, and wanted to consolidate her debts into a smaller 1 lump payment and ended up on the phone with Macklock who told her to stop paying her creditors and it would all be … Read more

Michael Bovee Give Us His Impression Of the Liberty Aid Sales Pitch

I was asked recently what I thought of the product Liberty Aid was promoting. So I turned to Michael Bovee for his opinion. Here is Michael had to say. Back when I first started out in the debt relief industry, there were books, and fringe websites circulating about how “federal reserve notes aren’t money”, or … Read more

I Sued My Debt Collector and They Are Still Coming After Me

Question: Dear Steve, I sued a debt collector under the Texas rule 392.202. The debt collector continued collection activity on account they never validated. Of course they claim to have validated the debt, but there is no evidence they did. I am confused because they now they have filed a counter-claim on debt they never … Read more

The Collector Said My Debt Was Verified But I Don’t Believe Them. – Alex

“Dear Michael, I sent debt validation demand to debt buyer, they answered that debt was verified therefore they can continue collections. I don’t believe they can show any evidence that they own any debt. They placed derogatory credit reports in all 3 CRA’s. Certainly they violate FDCPA but what can I do about it? If … Read more