If I’m Awarded Disability How Much With I Lose to My Student Loans?


Dear Steve,

I have a $26,000, when combined, student loan debt which is presently in default. I’m 61years old, applied for disability, having the first of 3 surgeries on July 3, total right knee replacement. Forced to move from home to live with sister who had knee replacement also. I live with her in Sacramento, Ca. I’ve been here since June of 2014, have not worked and also owe IRS $7000.

If I am awarded disability, what percent will each take? Not going to be much to live on. Plus I owe my sister who’s been taking care of me the whole time. How do I get from under?



Dear Shelia,

It’s not clear if these are federal or private student loans. If you can update me in the comments below I can answer your question for you.


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  1. $26,000 student loan debt none of which is a private loan (continuation of question concerning how much of disability will be taken if awarded. I’m 61yrs old. None of my loans are private loans. All standard.


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