First Cash Advance – Consumer Complaint – August 3, 2017

Consumer Statement:

I received phone call evening of 7/11/17 from this company that stated I had been approved for a loan. The man had an India? accent and started telling me about the loan. So I asked again what was the name of their company, he stated again Cash Advance. There are cash advance loan companies all over the place, so I thought I was alright.

He told me that I had been approved for $4000. I told him that I only needed $2500. He starts going through the process,they needed all my bank information, including my sign in information. Then they were going to verify my account by making a DEPOSIT, which they did for $850.62. He then tells me he would be calling me at 7 am to go over details with me. He told me that I needed to go to Wal-Mart and purchase an $850.00 card and call him back with the card information. He stated that I could go back home, he would be calling me in 20 minutes to verify my loan had been deposited. I went home, waited for about 1 1/2 hrs, and decided to call them back. He then starts with that I heeded to make another payment for fees and interest of $850.00. I said no, that’s not how loans were supposed to work.I told him to cancel my loan, I didn’t want it. He threatens me by telling me I would owe over $6000 by the time they were through with me. I hung up on him.

I had a Dr’s appointment to go to, so I turn off my phone, where they called me 9 times. So I returned their call when I got home. During that time, Bank of America had taken back the $850 out of my account, which put me in the negative of $754. This is the information that I got, Michael Howard, Account manager, phone 773-663-4493. I called First Cash Advance several times demanding my money back, but they just kept hanging up, until they terminated their number. I received their check back in the mail from SunTrust, drawn on Bank of America, Rt#021200339, Acc# 7105128453. Name on account, Michael Barker, 44 Willow Ave, Rockaway, NJ.

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It turned out there are at least 3 offices they are running;
First Cash Advance, 773-663-4493, terminated.
Cash Advance USA unk
Cash Advance America, 949-627-2303. I called them until they blocked my number, but they knew who I was. I definitely was stupid.

Consumer Action Taken:

I immediately contacted SunTrust customer service to stop any further activity from them, I was then transferred to the Fraud Dept, where I filed a claim. I spoke to Ben, claim# [].

SunTrust Bank denied my fraud claim, even though they accepted an out of state check from NJ, Bank of America. Banks usually put a 3 to 5 day hold on out of state checks. I’m still wondering why this had not been done. The check was fraudulent, and my signature was forged on the back of the check. Well, SunTrust closed my claim, and I received a letter from the fraud dept that was threatening to me.

They stated they were going to confiscate my funds, which is all I have to live on, SS Disability. I only receive $1,141 per month, and this will leave me in a horrific situation. Then they stated if any payment left over would be turned over to collections. I have been with SunTrust for many years. When this first happened, I went to my bank right away. I was told that I could set up payments by Pat Perkins. I was okay with doing that as long as I could keep it off my credit reports. I am very disappointed with my bank and will not do business with them any longer. This is not the first problem that I have had with them. Their Facebook page is filled with similar incidents.

Date This Problem Happened: July 11, 2017

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $850

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Company Name: First Cash Advance

Company Address:

44 Willow Ave
Rockaway, NJ 07866

Company Telephone Number: 949-627-2303

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Website of Company: firstcashadvance.com

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