Leighton Ward of The Advocacy for Consumer Rights – Busted

Leighton Ward (Leyton Ward) is a gentleman I first wrote about in 2013. We subsequently had some issues, he sued me, and it was dismissed. Ward objected to the fact I had written about him and insisted his approach to helping consumers with mortgage issues was revolutionary. He said he had found some mathematical rule of grammar that invalidated mortgage agreements.

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I was just alerted that Leyton, whose first name is actually spelled Leighton, did get one thing invalidated – his freedom.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona put out a press release that painted an unfortunate story. The release says:

“The Lake Havasu City Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit began an investigation back in January of 2017 after receiving a report of an alleged fraudulent scheme involving mortgage contracts. The investigation led to the service of two search warrants on May 4, 2017, at approximately 10:00 a.m., by the Lake Havasu City Police Department. One warrant was served in the 3100 block of Shoshone Drive and the other in the 2100 block of McCulloch Boulevard.

A felony arrest warrant was also issued for the suspect, 42-year old Lake Havasu City resident Leighton L. Ward, who was arrested without incident by authorities in northern California on May 4, 2017. Ward remains in custody in California pending extradition to Arizona where he will face multiple felony charges including fraud, fraudulent schemes and artifices, theft and forgery.

The elaborate scheme involved Ward posing as an associate of a company by the name of Advocacy for Consumer Rights. In exchange for payment of a few thousand dollars, Ward advised he could assist with getting residents out of the binding terms of their mortgage contract and get money refunded to them based on the language of their mortgage contracts. Ward is being investigated by other state and federal agencies for similar complaints nationwide involving his business.

The Mohave County Attorney’s Office assisted during the investigation. Multiple victims have been identified locally and Ward also has a felony warrant out of Tennessee for similar fraud allegations.

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Detective Brian Madsen with the Lake Havasu City Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit at 928-855-1171.” – Source

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Here is Ward’s mugshot.

Ward also has an active arrest warrant in Tennessee and is under investigation by additional state and federal agencies. – Source

But the story gets even more odd. In Tennessee Ward is accused of being a paper terrorist. According to WSMV television, “The term was coined several years ago when sovereign citizens, individuals who reject our government and court system, began to fill court clerk’s offices with bizarre judgments concerning properties.”

Ward arrived at the door of a couple in Tennessee and insisted the home of a couple belonged to him now.

To read the entire television story from WSMV, click here.

Another Tennessee television station, News Channel 10, also reported on interactions with Leyton Ward.

Ward is now in jail in Sonoma County, CA, awaiting extradition back to Arizona to face charges of fraud and illegal business practices. – Source

The American Bar Association also found Ward on their radar in March 2017. They wrote a post in the ABA Journal, Judge of bogus ‘postal court’ files judgments, claims only nouns have legal meaning.

The Southern Poverty Law Center published the following post:

“Sovereign Leighton Ward is in a heap of trouble. He is currently incarcerated in California, may be extradited to Arizona and faces a felony warrant in Tennessee.

Ward fancies himself the Court Clerk of the Federal Postal Court, a fake court based on sovereign citizen doctrine, conspiracy theories and the belief that freedom from government lies in the use of a made up language. One where “A sentence can only contain one verb in it” and it’s structure “has to be mathematically certified both frontwards and backwards…”

“Federal Postal Court Judge” David Wynn Miller has initiated a number of fraudulent filings. Ward did the same in his own venture, and drafted fake documents, which is how he ended up in handcuffs on May 4.

Ward claimed to work with the Advocacy for Consumer Rights, which calls itself a contract grammar specialist. It uses the same syntax ideas as the Federal Postal Court as the basis for its services. The website states, “by Syntaxing a creditors contract, we can mathematically prove the contract was a fraud.”

Clients paid Ward thousands of dollars to change the terms of their mortgages and get them refunds. There is no evidence that Ward was successful at this, although he created fraudulent documents, which he gave to at least one client to make it look as though he was. The documents were drafted to look authentic and were supposed to be from the Department of Justice Civil Division’s Torts Branch. They listed a P.O. box for an address, which is how the client got suspicious and eventually learned the documents were fake.

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As Ward was involved in this alleged scheme, he was also harassing a family in Tennessee who bought his mother’s old home. Ward seems to have convinced himself that they were not the true owners, were trespassing and sent them texts to that effect. He also drove by the house repeatedly, sat on the neighbor’s porch to watch the house and filed a judgment against the property, which clouds its title.

The family was forced to file a restraining order against him. Ward did not show up in court for the hearing on it, instead he posted a YouTube video during the time the hearing was scheduled for admitting to some of his deeds. He also filed a case against the family in the illegitimate Federal Postal Court where he accuses them of “:FRAUDULENT-GRAMMAR-PERFORMANCE / :FALSE &: [MIS]LEADING-STATEMENTS-PEFORMANCE” using Postal Court Syntax.” – Source

In response to the court hearing this YouTube video was posted.

Here is the bottom line for me. I found Leyton Ward and his wife to be friendly people when I met them. But ultimately a number of people took exception with their interactions with TAFCR and Layton Ward.

Ward is not the only person who has faith in his approach to invalidate contracts and agreements with the syntax and grammar invalidation.

Bonus Video:

13 thoughts on “Leighton Ward of The Advocacy for Consumer Rights – Busted”

  1. For a year, both myself and a few relatives checked out TAFCR and the Federal Postal Court on the net as well as privately. We could find nothing against them. If nothing more, TAFCR had proven helpful to consumers on other issues not related to this issue concerning the parse syntax use of language. So I opted to go with Leighton Ward to prepare the Qui Tam. Never at any time had Leighton Ward mis-represented himself to me in all our communications together concerning what he promised to do in preparing the Qui Tam. He did exactly as he promised he would do in the preparation of the paper work making up the Qui Tam filing. I speak only for the Qui Tam at this point. However, it is clear where he did mis-represent himself was in his claim that the Department of Justice was working with TAFCR in finding mortgage contracts whose syntax fell under the analysis they used to determine if a contract was fraudulent or not.

    Now I have to tell you that I graduated from Loyola University as a California State scholar in the 1970’s and during those many years, I took a logics course, which was six months long, where we studied fraudulent syntax, as well the many ways syntax is changed when words are moved around in a single sentence. My background is heavy in the arts and sciences as a scholar and scientist these days, but I don’t have my final doctorate work done at age 62. Still, I have not stopped studying as a scholar, since I left my schooling years. I say this because you do need to know there is nothing harder to work with than syntax and semantics with any language. I often think of the Bible where Jesus cursed the Earth after man’s fall and when He cursed it, He cursed all the languages with it. I’ve been a professional writer for a good part of my life, even with the technical computer industries, doing tech writing and illustration work when I was a younger man.

    In truth, I hate working with syntax. No matter how hard you write to make something read the way you want it, all you have to do is walk away from what you wrote for a day and read it again and you’d be surprised how different it looks to you in 24 hours. I exchanged a lot of emails with Leighton Ward in private, even before paying him to prepare the Qui Tam on my mortgage document and in truth, I found his logic to be sincere and reasonable. I could see the logic of his analysis system. He even told me to study the system and told where I could find the videos on his website that teach it all. So I could see what I was getting into before I hired him on. All of you who did business with him I’m sure had the same change to see those videos too I should think. The truth is, the syntax of all the legitamate legalese reads like the devil himself wrote it all in my opinion and that refers to just the English version of the bank documents. But if you need money, you have to go with what is offered you by the banks. I’m sure no one even reads the contracts of each website who demands their contract be read first before you participate in their website. I’m one of those who loves to read everything. It’s still the devil’s word in my view and the banks are more crooked than Mr. Ward is, especially if you look at the illegal bank fractioning they started in 2005. As such, I don’t think Mr. Ward should be in jail unless the FBI is also going to put into jail the bankers who fractioned the money to boost their bottom line starting 2005? I just think Mr. Ward is ahead of his time.

    The problem with all of this is that money had exchanged hands between himself and his clients, to which I became one, who asked his help on preparing the Qui Tams. If no money had exchanged hands, no one would be belly aching about what they invested or Mr. Ward’s position in this whole thing. Now everyone wants to condemn this man, regardless if he is right or not, but because they want their money back. So much for righteousness, in case it is hiding behind the parse syntax analysis used on the bank documents, which I think it is personally. Mr. Ward took a risk and it backfired on him over time, simply because he was incorrect when he represented the DOJ was involved with TARCR in my opinion. One mistake can sink a ship, like it sunk the Titanic, but I do think Leighton Ward is onto something important and so is David Wynn Miller, when I examine their work up against my own background and training in the technical communication arts and sciences.

    Change always comes slow to our system. Today marijuana, which was illegal to sell in a retail store back in the 1970’s is now become common here in California and even in Colorado. Solar panels were outlawed by the government back in the 1970s through high taxes on those who invested into them, because they took revenue away from the power companies. These days that has changed and now the U.S. government encourages Americans to go solar. Recreational marijuana can be purchased at any place where a green cross appears, making it no longer a “street drug”. Still, it took some 50 years for the changes to come, but they came. I would think what David Wynn Miller and Leighton Ward are trying to communicate to the world will come into its own some time in the not too distant future. Time will tell.

  2. Leighton is my 1st cousin whom I have not spoken to for years. He and the rest of his immediate family (mother/sister) have always been con artists and were always leaching/living off my Grandmother before she passed away. I hope justice is served across the board as it has been a long time coming.


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