Leighton Ward of The Advocacy for Consumer Rights – Busted


Leighton Ward (Leyton Ward) is a gentleman I first wrote about in 2013. We subsequently had some issues, he sued me, and it was dismissed. Ward objected to the fact I had written about him and insisted his approach to helping consumers with mortgage issues was revolutionary. He said he had found some mathematical rule …

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How The Advocacy For Consumer Rights Helps Consumers

Recently, Leyton Ward and I, who used to be in a tussle with, had a chance to sit down together and meet. He was gracious to share what TAFCR does and why most people don’t understand it. After spending time with Leyton I will admit what he tries to do to help consumers with mortgage …

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What I Learned from Leyton Ward at The Advocacy for Consumer Rights

Yesterday Leyton Ward and I finally did what we probably should have done two years ago, and sat down together over a great lunch and just talked. You see for what feels like the last two years Leyton and I had been in, well, basically a pissing contest. I do owe Leyton a big hat …

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The Advocacy for Consumer Rights (TAFCR) Sues Consumer Reporter, Again

The Advocacy for Consumer Rights LLC (“TAFCR” or “Plaintiff”) is a Nevada limited liability company with its principal place of business in Arizona and is a citizen of the State of Arizona as well as the State of Nevada within the meaning and intent of 28 U.S.C. § 1332. The sole member and manager of …

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The Advocacy for Consumer Rights, TAFCR, Sues Consumer Reporter

Update 3-26-2014 The court dismissed the case. THE ADVOCACY FOR CONSUMER RIGHTS LLC, a.k.a TAFCR, an Arizona foreign limited liability company, Plaintiff, V. STEVE RHODE AND JANE DOE RHODE; JOHN DOES I-X; JANE DOES I-X; ABC PARTNERSHIPS I-X; DEF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES I-X; and XYZ CORPORATIONS Defendants. For their claims for relief against Defendants, Plaintiffs …

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