We Are Struggling With Credit Card Debt We Can’t Pay. Should We Go With Actify?


Dear Steve,

My husband and I have about $18,000 in credit card debt and unsecured debt. We got into trouble after my husband had a stroke in 2014. I had to close down his trucking business. I was able to pay off most of that debt, but got behind on our personal debt. I also had a large medical bill that didn’t get paid by the insurance company after they said it was covered.

I have managed to pay the minimum payment on everything except the large medical bill, on time for the last year. But it is difficult since my husband and I are both on social security now. He is disabled with dementia. If I can get more help for him, I will get a part time job to supplement our income.

We have recently been contacted by the Actify solutions debt relief program. It sounds good up front. Are all debt relief programs shady? I understand I shouldn’t pay in up front fees for services. Should this company be making payments for me on my debts right away each month so my creditors don’t call me?

They say they can get be debt free and clear my credit report without any negative remarks in 18 months. Is this actually possible? I am waiting for your response before I go forward.

Thank you.



Dear Kathryn,

I think you are talking about a company called Actify Solutions. They are out of La Jolla, CA if I have the correct company.

Hiring a knowledgeable third-party to assist you with debt related issues you may not have experience with is a logical thing to do.

But what struck me instantly when I landed on their site was they describe themselves as “a document preparation company.” – Source

So if they just a document preparation company as they say they are then how are you going to even know the best documents for you to have prepared? Their site doesn’t promote, best advice, it promotes form filling. They say, “Don’t waste time trying to find the correct forms. From Account Validation to Small Claims, we offer a wide variety of document services to assist you in making the right choices.” – Source

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I really can’t give you any specific suggestion about Actify Solutions because I have not checked them out but I do publish this guide to help you do that.

The only research I did was to go to the California Secretary of State site to do a quick search to see if “Actify Solutions” is registered in California to do business. No result was found.

But from their BBB page I see the company has an alternate name of Limitless Marketing Solutions, Inc. There is a company registered to do business in California under that name.

So are they a marketing company, debt experts who can advise you, or a document preparation company?

So enough about them, let’s look at your credit card debt situation.

Given the underlying issues surrounding your husband’s medical condition and dementia I would be hard pressed to say a repayment strategy would be my first choice of the best way to pay off debt. You can look at your logical solutions by using my Get Out of Debt Calculator.

But considering the horrible progression of dementia and the increasing level of care it requires, I would think your first priority should be to value your quality time with your husband before he fades away, and not repayment.

For those who not familiar with the stress and pressure caring for someone with dementia can cause, it can be enormous. From my point of view the focus moving forward should be more on making the days ahead tolerable for you and safe for your husband.

With that in mind, talking to a local bankruptcy attorney seems like my suggested first step.

Bankruptcy is the fastest way to close the door on problem debt, for the least amount of money, and gives you the power of law over your collectors/creditors.

For about $1,500 or less you could discharge this debt and achieve credit card debt forgiveness in about 90 days and then be able to focus on caring for your husband moving forward.

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Of course this depends on what kind of assets you have and where you live but a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney will answer all of these questions for you.

Ironically, people who file bankruptcy recover quicker financially than others who don’t.

From the information you shared with me the issue really isn’t if Actify Solutions or Limitless Marketing Solutions is a good company but what is the most logical thing to consider before selecting any solution. The only way to make sure you are getting good advice is to talk to different types of service providers and then make the most educated decision you can based on facts, not emotion.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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