I Need a Disney World Loan So We Can All Go On Vacation


Dear Steve,

I have been trying to get a personal loan to pay the remaining balance on a Disney World vacation I have been planning and paying on for a year. There are 12 of us going. I have bad credit 512 credit score. I have applied to everyone I think and have been denied by everyone. I do not have a lot of time left or other solutions. I found this one website Privatelendersloans.com. I placed several requests and comments on the site with no reply. There is no way to contact them on the website. I wanted to find out if this site is legit and find out who it is run by so I can contact them to see If they will approve my loan like they state they do so many others.

How to find contact information for a website?



Dear Delainea,

I hate to state the obvious but the reason legitimate lenders have turned you down is because your credit score is in the toilet. The lower the credit score is the higher the risk is to the lender. And the lower the credit score the more expensive the loan will be.

You mentioned a website privatelendersloans.com. The website was registered in January 2017 and makes a sales pitch which closely resembles a payday loan outfit.

privatelendersloans.com sales pitch.

This might be just my opinion but the privatelendersloans.com is total bullshit on so many levels. If you fill out an application who knows where your information goes. Don’t do it.

Even their testimonial pictures are BS.

The person they label one of their private lenders, Katleen Johnson, is actually a stock photo titled “Mature businesswoman with arms crossed.” Steve Clark is “African American business man with folded arms, isolated on white background.”

So let’s look at where the company is located and it’s going to be a short search since they don’t say where they are located on their website and their domain name ownership is hidden. They don’t even publish a telephone number. – Source

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But don’t let me do all the discovery, please feel free to jump in by following How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off.

Your situation as you described is a scammers dream. You are a low credit score applicant who is desperate for a loan with an immediate need.

When someone advertises “Quick money loan with no credit check” then your scam antenna should go way up.

If I had to take a wild guess I would say the site as I just viewed it is most likely gathering applications from desperate people and selling them or sending applications out to payday like lenders.

It might be time to consider your financial goals for the trip are not going to be met, you might have to postpone the trip and save some more, or you just simply can’t afford to go.

Now, given that advice I can tell you what most people do, they ignore it, get scammed, and then come back and tell me I was right.

A better gift to yourself and those around you would be to rebuild your credit and credit score so legitimate lenders will take you seriously. You can easily rebuild your credit by doing this. Once you rebuild your credit and save the full amount for the trip, you’ll have a magical time at Disney.


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See also  Desperate Ex-Pat in Dubai is About to Become Loan Scam Victim

4 thoughts on “I Need a Disney World Loan So We Can All Go On Vacation”

  1. So she has a terrible credit score… and so naturally… she’s looking to take out another loan that she presumably won’t be able to pay back because she likely already has other debts she hasn’t paid which are ruining her credit score… Good lord almighty. Hopefully she listens to your advice and just postpones the trip. Preferably until she can afford to pay for it out of pocket without completely draining her bank account.

  2. Your answer is so incredibly well done and clear. It is the kindness of a doctor giving a patient with a serious disease a clear diagnosis and a sternly worded 100% cure which only the patient can accomplish. Way to go.


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