Do I Have to Pay for My Fiancées Engagement Ring?


Dear Steve,

My fiancée got her engagement ring on her jewelry account without my knowledge we got married and after 3 months I left her from the way she was treating me she thinks I’m suppose to pay on the ring and my name is not on the account am I responsible for this bill.



Dear Tom,

There is so much wrong here. She financed her own engagement ring? Without your knowledge? Where did you think the ring came from? What the hell?

If she obtained financing on the ring and opened the account herself, it’s her damn debt. Walk away before this gets even more bizarre.

She might claim you are supposed to pay on the ring but then again she can claim all free flying bats should pay on the account. That doesn’t make it so.

I would suggest you go to annualcreditreport.com and get a free copy of all your credit reports. Look to see if she managed to open any surprise accounts in your name. Then I would strongly suggest you put a credit freeze on each of your credit bureau accounts.

I wouldn’t put it past a vindictive ex-spouse to try to exact some kind of financial revenge and that might even come in the form of identity theft.

Thanks for submitting your question. It truly made my day.


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    • Thanks Charles. I still remember the boyfriend who managed to convince his girlfriend to pledge her new paid off car as collateral for his new car loan. He drove the car off the lot and she never saw him again. It took a few months before she watched her new car get towed away as well.


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