Cornerstone Legal Group / Fast Track Debt Relief – Consumer Complaint – December 11, 2017

Consumer Statement:

In March of 2016 I was contacted by Cornerstone Legal Group LLC/ Fast Track debt Relief. I entered into a program to consolidate and deal with my debt $303.03 for 36 months. I unfortunately was injured and had to have a few surgeries during a 6 month period my payments to them were on hold and I extended the contract period to make up for it. we are now at 20 months and over 3,700 has been paid to them. After a threatening and horrible phone call from a collection agency I discovered that no contact on any level was ever made to any of my creditors.

The account that had been set up was depleted by Cornerstone as in nothing in it. Per them $1,997 was paid to them for services, $950 was paid for legal retainer. $59 a month in other admin account services and $10 a month to the bank.

Consumer Action Taken:

I requested multiple times during the last 20 months for all correspondence with my creditors be sent to me. To date I have received nothing. I’ve been told within the same conversation it’s all here in front of me to you never gave us account numbers to its in Archives. Really?!

I have filed complaints with BBB FTC and CFPB. Cornerstones response is they require a verbal conversation in order to do a refund. History says what they say and what they do are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I have now and previously with them requested everything in writing. Their position they have reached out to me and I am unwilling. I have stated repeatedly I will discuss anything in email form. I have requested from the company they refund the $1,997 as they have done NOTHING as well as the $950. as a reminder to myself to not be stupid they can keep the $59 a month and the $10.

They have earned an F grade from the BBB. They are an LLC whose address on record is a virtual office and the managing partner has disappeared. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

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Date This Problem Happened: March 11, 2016

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,700

Company Name: Cornerstone Legal Group / Fast Track Debt Relief

Company Address:

1901 W Cypress street Road Suite 400
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Company Telephone Number: 888-673-1125

Website of Company: cornerstonelegalgroupllc.com

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