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Is Veritas Legal Plan Safe to Use?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

My debt settlement company uses a third party called Veritas Legal Plan for legal services. They tell me these lawyers work for them and will handle everything if I get sued, which they said was rare. I was not given a choice and was told I had to enroll in this. Sounds fishy!

Is this legal or ethical? Is this company receiving a commission from Veritas for this? For Veritas lawyer service, they charged a enrollment fee of $500 which I saw my first payment covered. Then $50 per month. I am in a three year program and I will be paying $2,300 for a service I might not even use. I’ve already been paying this for a year.



Dear Mary,

Well it’s a loaded question. Veritas Legal Plan works with a number of debt relief companies to provide help if needed.

But any sort of prepaid service can feel like it is forced on you if you don’t want the help or to pay for it.

I hate to state the obvious but if you didn’t want to pay for Veritas Legal Plan then the logical answer is to not have signed up with the company that required you to use them. I have no way of knowing if your debt relief company received a commission from Veritas Legal Plan but I would suspect there was some sort of revenue exchanged because that is a common type of relationship.

If you are under the impression your $50 a month will eliminate any future cost to use a plan attorney, that might not be the case.

Veritas says “The mission of Veritas Legal Plan is to provide affordable legal services to consumers when they need them the most.”

At this point any hesitation on your part should be an invitation for you to ask more questions and feel comfortable with the decision you made to enroll. Ask to see a fee schedule of charges you may be expected to pay if a matter did require legal intervention.

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Only when you are fully informed about the services you enrolled in will any service be safe to use. Until then I’m sure you stand the chance to be surprised and disappointed.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • Hello Angelo,

    I just got off the phone with Total Credit Relief and they told me that I had to sign up for your services if I wanted to use them? I even have the contract that clearly states that your services are not required but they have told me that “Maybe their services are not the right fit” because I asked them to remove the $55 a month fee.

    • Our services are not bundled with Veritas. We only utilize Veritas’s services when a consumer protection issue arises.

  • Hey Mary,

    This might be too little to late for yall to find useful but me and my wife have been hunting for a debt settlement company for a while. One of are biggest concerns was getting sued by someone. We had a friend with Freedom, which Steve has wrote about on this site quite a bit, and they were sued by Amex in just a couple months. I think they paid around 12 to 15 dollars a month for the national Law Group and had an attorney with them help them. I dont think they were very pleased with the service tho, and the more I lookd into freedom the more we shied away from them.

    We heard of a law group called evergreen that Start New Settlement uses, but we could only find negative things about them if at all since I dont even think they had a website. Angelo’s group veritas, you can at least do research on since they have a website a lot of articles about them. theres another group called consumer first financial that’s a group of attorneys, but even on their page they talk about coaching you which a lto of friends tell me thats code for you have to go to court yourself and respond to things. they mgiht say they are but thats not an attorney in my book.

    I have a friend carl who really likes Arnold and smith law. He said there’s another office with basicly the same name in NC, but the one in okc is the one that helped him. He said they were less than $1600 to see his two big cases with boa all the way thru. Im thinkin i’m off but he said there was about 60k between the two cases. My wife spoke with them and she said they were pretty up front about how they can help. They also mentioned in our state, cali, filing fees are almost a gurantee and gave us quotes about what we would likely pay for that in our area. We didnt make a decscion yet so grain of salt and such but they stickout.

    Like steve mentioned, tho, you should always ask questions about this stuff. Ive talkd to over a dozen companies and if they dont answer your questions then theyarent worth your time. As angelo mentioned to, if they force youinto anything than they just arent looking to actually help you. One thing ive learned and shouldve probably known all along is these companies are huge busnesses and theyll look to make alot of money off of you. Thats not a bad thing because we all work for pay but just make sure theyre takin advantage of your situation. This stuff keeps me up at night and ive been brought to tears with frutsration. companies will jump all over that so dont forget to be a smart costomer. Either way i hope you get through this. theres always tomorrow so just keep going and i wish your family well.

    Thanks steve fro the articles. your site has become the bible for me and my wife thru our struggle.

  • Dear Mary,

    Hello, my name is Angelo Anzalone, President of Veritas Legal Plan. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. As Steve pointed out, our website states our mission is to provide affordable legal services to consumers when they need them most.

    I created Veritas because in 2012, I was forced to close a business down after being hit with 4 hurricanes in one season, I was in your position except I was hit with a lawsuit and didn’t have the money to settle. Having an attorney to defend the lawsuit afforded me enough time to accumulate the money to eventually settle that account. Without the time that the legal process granted me, I would have ended up with a horrible settlement or a judgment.

    The reality is that everyone is at risk of being sued when you stop making payments, regardless if you are in a debt settlement program or not – this is a fact and must legally be disclosed to you.

    To defend one creditor lawsuit all the way through trial, most attorneys will charge anywhere from $2,000 – $5,000 (upfront) where, for monthly payments, Veritas will assign you a lawyer to cover every creditor lawsuit, all the way through trial. The only out of pocket expense would be court filing fees, if there are any.

    Now imagine if you got sued by multiple creditors? We see it all the time. And yes, there is the possibility that you do not get sued at all, but we are giving you peace of mind of knowing that if you do get sued you are protected and don’t have to come up with any additional money out of pocket.

    Prepaid legal plans are common and legal, Veritas is registered in the States that we offer, and yes, we offer a commission to the debt settlement companies that offer our Plan.

    More importantly, and what I wanted to stress and clarify is that the Veritas Legal Plan is an optional service and is not to be bundled with the debt settlement company’s services. I am sorry if you felt like you had no choice but to sign up for the Legal Plan. There is no long-term commitment, our services are offered on a month to month basis and you are free to cancel at any time.

    Hope this helps but I would welcome you to call us at 877-745-5006 to get more information about your coverage. We believe in the product we are providing and would like you to have the same belief.

    Thank you,
    Angelo Anzalone

      • do you think this type of program fits with the upfront fee ban and debt settlement? The debt settlement company I’m looking into offers this program and I don’t want to be sued but don’t want pay fees upfront.

        • Put the fee thing aside. Having a legal protection plan does not prevent you from being sued. It helps you deal with it once you are sued. I would suggest you look at the client agreement before you sign it with the company you are working with and see exactly what they say about the possibility of being sued. Which is real if you stop making your contractual payments to the creditor.

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