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Williams & Fudge Are Trying to Get Us to Pay For Student Loans They Can’t Prove

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

My husband and I co-signed two student loans for our daughter in 2002 and 2004. My question is this: what connection, if any, does National Enterprise, National Collegiate Trust and where can I find the chain of ownership? Williams & Fudge is now (6 years after the last payment was made) demanding payment. I put our daughter in touch with the collection agency that called me in 2015 (?) and she paid off two loans which I believe are the same loans that Williams & Fudge are referring to. Another question is, if they cannot sue us for the money can they still report to the credit bureaus if they can’t provide the chain of transfer?

Mary Louise


Dear Mary Louise,

Williams & Fudge is a collection agency. They can demand payment all they want, even if the debt is past the Statute of Limitations.

The loans sound very problematic and have a good chance of not being able to be proven to be valid given the underlying lenders.

They can absolutely report to the credit bureaus and you can absolutely dispute it is a valid debt.

I think you should contact an attorney who has handled similar issues. Hopefully, you can find someone on My List of Student Loan Attorneys You Should Consider for Assistance.

There are a couple of reasons contacting an attorney in this situation would be a smart move.

First, an attorney can help you to attempt to validate the debt. Second, if the debt can’t be validated it is quite possible Williams & Fudge may be violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act with their incorrect or misleading claims.

The cost of an attorney to represent you will be a small price to pay for someone to use the law to defend you. Otherwise, Williams & Fudge can pretty much get away with anything to attempt to collect.

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  • Williams & Fudge contacted me via email last night. Email was very suspicious, subject line only said “personal business”. After reading the email, I’m definitely leery of dealing with them. They say my SC state student loan is in collection, but I have made a payment less than 60 days ago (yes, I’m past due, but not to the point of collection!) and they are trying to collect for the full amount! I never even received a call from SC student loans, email, or snail mail letting me know they were sending me to collection over a $30 past due balance!

  • Hi again, Steve! Just wanted to keep you up to date on the situation. Once I notified W&F that we had retained legal representation, we never heard back from them. Thanks for your help!

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