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I Bought a Car From DriveTime and Extended Warranty But They Say I’m Not Covered

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I purchased from Drivetime in July 2015 a 2008 Ford. When I purchased the vehicle I asked for a bumper to bumper warranty that covers everything because I’ve had vehicle problems before not covered. They assured me the warranty I purchase covers everything, including even a burned out tail light. My Bad, I believed him. Not less than a month later I started having ABS and Traction Control Lights. I called the warranty department and got a big fat “Not Covered” its electrical. no matter what I said it made no difference. To say the least I still have the wiring issues today as the mechanic has said I have a Bad wire Harness.

Being that everything is computer driven on the car, I drove the vehicle around town and just a couple of weeks ago heard a loud metal to metal bang and the engine started shaking violently and died. Had it towed to the shop and now have a blown motor. so now I have a $3500 car if I invest $4000 in repairs, but owe a payoff to Bridgecrest of $17,500 What the hell am I to do? I live off $2200 a month on Social Security and payments of $496 a month. Help as now I started Chemo this week for cancer and have mounting medical debt.

Do I have Options? I’ve got to maintain full coverage insurance on the vehicle. I cant afford to buy another car and cant trade this one in because I’m so upside down on the loan. This has robbed me of my sanity and I’m out of options. Thanks for any ideas you can come up with.



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Dear Robert,

I have no clue what extended warranty package you might have purchased. I took a look at the DriveTime DriveCare Protection Plan and it doesn’t list electrical issues on there. Ultimately, what is and is not covered is going to be laid out in the warranty agreement you received when you purchased the vehicle. It doesn’t really matter what the salesperson said, but what the agreement you signed, states.

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The DriveCare plan does say it will cover some engine parts that may need to be replaced as a result of your latest misfortune. Contact your warranty company and see what they will cover.

Given your overall financial situation, you may have to let them repo the car and deal with the debt that results. Then you may decide to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and terminate your responsibility for the debt.

Probably the last thing you need to be worried about right now is the collector chasing you for the car payments. Just focus on getting better and at least the resulting debt from the car once it is sold at auction after you default can be eliminated in bankruptcy.

I’d wait to file bankruptcy until they actually sue you since you may need to also discharge this mounting medical debt you are generating right now.

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