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What You Say About Crown Financial Ministries is Inappropriate

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I am a Christian and the way you are handling your blogs with crown financial is inappropriate. Walk in your faith in Jesus and do what God calls you to do for all things will work out for God’s glory when you keep him first in your own life. We have enough problems as Christians without fighting or putting another operation down. If God is with you who can be against you. God is patient but if someone is breaking God’s rules they will pay price in this life or the other I wish you the best.


Dear Anonymous,

Before you sent this message there were three posts that mentioned Crown Financial Ministries.

I welcome any feedback you have about inaccuracies or statements made that are not factual in those posts. Please post your comments below.

The post on June 14, 2012 Crown Financial Ministries – Is This Really What Jesus Would Do? was primarily about Crown Financial Ministries looking for commissioned salespeople.

My post on September 6, 2010, linked to Crown and listed Crown Financial Ministries as a source of Christian based financial counseling.

Another post on April 18, 2010, said “I’m glad to see that you met with a Crown Financial Ministries counselor to help you to try to find a solution that aligns itself with your religious and financial beliefs. Crown Financial Ministries was co-founded by Larry Burket in an effort to help teach the biblical principles of handling money. I didn’t always agree with Larry’s point of view but respected him for his efforts, books, and work. Larry passed away in 2003.”

In fairness, I welcome your point of view but can’t find anything unfair about any of the posts. The one where Crown Financial Ministries was looking for commissioned salespeople might not have been a welcome post but it was not untruthful or incorrect.

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In fact, someone who claimed to be an employee around the time I wrote that post about their sales focus said they worked there for a year and said, “They are money driven it is not a ministry as they would leave you to believe.” – Source

Since 2012 they may have changed their focus and adjusted their mission away from those issues I was critical about all those years ago. If they have, then that is probably a good thing.

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