Date Received: 2018-03-15

Product: Auto debt

Issue: Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: I bought a SUV in late XX/XX/2018. Dealer stated the bank would send me the information and payment information in the mail. On XX/XX/2018 at XXXX, I received a phone call from ( XXXX ) XXXX. I didn’t think much about it, scammers and law breakers call me on couple to – few times a week. I will block their numbers and forget about. The next day I was at work, and I punched ( XXXX ) XXXX in to XXXX and Call Note indicated it was XXXX XXXX XXXX ( possibly ). I thought ” this is interesting, I am still waiting for the SUV paperwork to arrive ( I was told in a few weeks ), this is the sixth week.
I wrote an email to the dealer explaining that I received a possible collection attempt from Regions, and this may be a coincidence, but I have not received any paperwork ( as stated ) yet. I was unaware that I didn ; t send this email, but was still open on my computer, I did send it today, XX/XX/2018 after the call I answered from ( XXXX ) XXXX. It was Regions Bank, told me I was going to collections ; my credit would be damaged. I explained that I never received the paperwork from any bank regarding the SUV. I didn’t even know which bank loaned me the money. I expected for Regions to acknowledge the situation and make it right, or at least send me ( email ) the paperwork so I could set up auto pay from one – of the many banks – I use. She then tried to get me to pay her over the phone. This is when the fun began. I informed her that I have no idea who she is, or what scam she is trying to pull. I informed her that If she is indeed with Regions, then Regions appears to be engaged in some kind of scam defrauding innocence people ( at least in my case ) of their hard earned money. I then informed her that XXXX XXXX was recently busted doing something similar. She then began with Regions sent me the paperwork. I informed her that I never received it and do not appreciate being disrespected as some non-paying, jack-legged criminal. I told her I am a hard working U.S. American and have money to pay my bills, I then let out a big Oh Yeah – I have lots O ‘ money to pay my bills!!! I then proceeded to tell her that Regions needs to fix it business practices, for starters Regions could leave a voice mail explaining that I am about to miss my first payment ( even though there was nothing I could do to prevent this situation – short of Clairvoyance ), or even email me : The SUV dealer and Regions has my phone & email address. This is not acceptable business practice. Like I said – I pay my bills, I have a lot to show for my hard work over the years. My future is very bright. I am an exceptional XXXX XXXX. I informed her that there is an issue with mail theft here in America. I have been a victim. Evidently based on what Region ‘s is claiming, I am a victim again. There will be a mail theft report to the USPS over this, as well as to the local law enforcement office. There are some ” future short legged prison resident ” cruising these roads. A neighbor has reported to me in the past, that they witnessed one of these ” a short legged future prison resident ”. They even went on to state that there mother had even trained them to steal mail, looking for bank information/checks, etc – no body works at that house … .. According to my wife, XXXX XXXX has had to quit sending checks, enticing people ( their clients ) to cash them from money, because criminal were stealing them from mail boxes and forging them …

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Anyway I am not impressed with this behavior from Regions bank, I even call Regions around XXXX today to see if this was all legit. The agent would not give me her last name, and was testing me to see if I would slip up and give her some information about the loan. I informed that one that I have not received anything from Region ‘s and I did not even know which bank the SUV dealer used until today!!! Of course the cat was out of the bag at work, I have XXXX of those voices that carries. I has some ” explaining ” to do tomorrow at work. Of course they are not surprised, it is not the first time I have had to defend my good name against the corrupt corporate type … I asked her if, since now I have determined this situation is pseudo-legit, I could pay with a couple of financial services option – She stated Regions did not accept them. She said I could give her my banking information and she could get it from my account. I told her to email me the payment information, and I would setup an autonomous pay system I use for my properties, vehicles etc. Why is it so hard for Regions to save a member some time? Anyway she informed me if this is not paid by Sunday – Legal action will be taken.

I welcome it – if Region ‘s will not lift a finger to help me resolve this situation – I AM the VICTIM here! Victim of criminals.The story needs to be heard. Acct # XXXX


State/Zip: MS 395XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2844996

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