Is Affirmative Law Legitimate or a Scam?


Dear Steve,

My mom is in a lot of debt (40k).

She’s investing her money into a company called Affirmative Law PC, I’m not sure if that’s a reputable company. She’s been making payments to this company for 4 months now

Do you know if Affirmative Law Pc is legitimate or a scam?



Dear Mar,

The scam question is always a problem for me because I never know what everybody individually defines a scam to be.

From looking at their website it appears Affirmative Law, PC is located in Texas at 11816 Inwood Road #3023, Dallas, Texas. – Source

While I’m going to take a quick look at the company, you can use one of my guides below to take a look yourself.

I can’t disagree with what Affirmative Law says on their homepage, “Since the advent of the corporation, companies have used attorneys to negotiate financial settlements on their outstanding debts during times of financial hardship in order to remain profitable and continue doing business.” – Source

But it is also true that individuals have negotiated on their own behalf as well.

The most important issue here is not the company but if your mother logically considered all of her options and made her choice on how to proceed based on math and facts. It seems you and I don’t know that. There is a lot that goes into deciding the best way to deal with debt. We have to consider the current situation and future financial goals.

One place to compare options is with my online get out of debt calculator.

What we can’t tell from the Affirmative Law website, or at least I could not find it, is any sort of public statement about cost and success rates. Is the debt relief solution Affirmative Law is selling the least expensive solution? I just don’t know. I’d have to leave that up to you and your mother to inquire about.

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A Quick Look

Here is some information I can tell you about the website or company.

The BBB gives the company an A+ rating and says they have been in business since 5-13-2013 but opened a file on them on 2-27-2012. The President of the company is Andrea Calve. The company has one review and it is a negative review.

A search of the State Bar of Texas could not find any lawyer eligible to practice law under the name Andrea Calve.

According to CorporationWiki, the company has had an on again, off again relationship with Texas.

The address given for the company on their website is 11816 Inwood Rd #3023, Dallas, TX 75244. That street address is also the location of a virtual mailbox company PostNet.

From Google Street Maps it does not appear Affirmative Law has a physical location at that address.

Companies use P.O. Boxes and virtual addresses all the time but it would be more comforting to know where the people are actually located who is managing the account.

The website for Affirmative Law has a private registration so we can’t see who owns the domain name.

It is not clear what state your mother lives in or of Affirmative Law has an attorney licensed in that state who is representing her if Affirmative Law is selling legal assistance as their homepage seems to indicate when they say, “Affirmative Law, PC is a law firm whose primary focus is financially distressed consumers.” After all, they do say they are a law firm, but who are their lawyers legally representing clients?

I think at the very least you or you and your mother should do some research, confirm this company is offering you the solution that best fits your mother’s needs as far as cost and outcome, and you are happy with whatever your own research discovers.

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In closing, I did also find something about a Calve Law, PC using the same telephone number. but has a listed address of 2009 Meadow Park Drive, Princeton, TX 75407. – Source

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According to LinkedIn, there is an Andrea Calve that says she is an attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but I just can’t find one eligible to practice law according to this search feature with the State Bar of Texas.

However, I did find an Andrea U. Calve who is licensed to practice law in Connecticut.

I’m going to send an email to Affirmative Law and ask them to comment on this post to help answer any questions you might have.

Please post an update in the comments section below and let me know what you decide to do or discover.

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