Can I Be Chased to Australia Because of My Debt in Another Country?


Dear Jon,

I have a debt of 20,000 aed in Dubai. I moved to Australia last year. Now a debt collection agency from Dubai contacted my employee in Australia to confirm my contact details.

Is it possible for them to take legal action in Australia or hand over the debt to an agency in Australia to track me down or deport to cops or Interpol ( these are the things they are saying )

Please advise if they can harass me if they get my details?




Sorry to hear what you are experiencing, and not that it makes you feel any better, but this seems to be happening more and more. Debts originated in Dubai, being collected, or attempted to be collected, in other countries.

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The bank in Dubai has little if no authority in Australia to collect the account(s). However, that does not mean they won’t try, and it also means they will probably not abide by any collection laws there, such as not contacting your employer.

If the account has a non-jurisdictional clause in the terms, the account could be sold or given to an outside collection agency there in Australia to collect. This is legal, and that collection agency must then collect the account in accord with the laws and rules there in Oz.

Interpol does not get involved in cases involving debt or unpaid accounts, only criminal matters, and debt is not a crime in most countries. Threats of deportation and the use of Interpol are just that, threats.

Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan? Chances are the bank in Dubai will not accept anything but payment in full, however, a collection firm in Australia may agree to one, if the account is given to them to collect.

Let me know how this progresses for you.



Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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