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Beyond Finance Mailer Leaves Me Wondering Why Companies Worry About Compliance

Written by Steve Rhode

Poor Dad sent in this mailer he received from Beyond Finance.

I’ve written in the past about this Beyond Finance mailer sent in by another reader. In that review, I was critical that the offer seemed to hide behind what looked like a personal loan offer.

In that previous post I congratulated Beyond Finance for being registered to do business in the state where the consumer lived. This time it appears they are not. Which time was the fluke?

When I look at Beyond Finance in a larger view I see a company that seems to say good things that are encouraging on their website but the mailers paint a different picture that leaves me wondering if they are having an identity crisis with their marketing department. I’m confused or conflicted.

For example, the advertisements many debt settlement companies have used in the past for sales representatives have seemed to focus more on being a closer. The Beyond Finance sales position seems to be focused more on a fair and collaborative approach.

“The Debt Solutions Specialist will help our customers resolve financial hardship by offering effective solutions and best practices. This role will be responsible for customizing options and programs then advising and guiding our customers, so they begin their journey to being debt-free. The Debt Solutions Specialist will also focus on pre-qualified leads and inquiries from our various marketing campaigns and channels. This position is a consultative role that requires kindness, empathy, patience, creative customer service communications, consistent follow up, and strong analytical skills.” – Source

The description Beyond Finance offers up about itself certainly makes them sound like a next-generation debt relief company that is interested in “simple, transparent financial solutions that improve people’s lives.”

Beyond Finance also describes themselves by saying, “We’re a team that’s laser-focused on solving big problems and creating a financial brand consumers trust. It’s rare to hear people say, “I love my financial institution, they have my back.” At Beyond Finance, we’re dedicated to that goal.” –

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Let’s look at the front of the mailer signed by Chief Operating Officer Shane Ross. My impression is whoever wrote the BeyondFinance.com website, didn’t write this mailer.

The mailer says, “You’re one of the select few who are pre-qualified.” I’m not sure I buy the “select few” bit but qualified for what?

At first glance, the part of the letter that caught my eye was the bolded “competitive loan options” part. Could someone think the mailer from Beyond Finance was a loan offer? They sure could. In fact the paragraph goes on to say “througha vast network of lenders.”

However, once you read the entire mailer you may come away with the same impression I did. Is this really a loan offer mailer or a debt settlement mailer? If you weight in the small faint print it appears this is an offer for debt settlement services.

Phrases like:

  • “…Beyond Finance, which charges you no fees until your debt is reduced.”
  • Certain types of debts are not eligible for the offered program…”
  • “This is a prescreened solicitation for debt settlement services with an invitation to apply for a loan through a partner company.”
  • “Some creditors are not eligible for enrollment because they do not negotiate with debt settlement companies.”
  • The use of debt settlement services will likely adversely affect your credit.”
  • Debt settlement is not available in all states, and fees may vary by state.”
  • “SettleMyBills.com”

I was struck that this particular mailer said “Be debt-free in as few as 12 months” yet the Beyond Finance website and the back of the mailer say, “Programs range from 12-48 months.” That same lightly printed disclaimer also says, “clients who make all monthly program payments pay approximately 73%-75% of enrolled debt (including fees) upon successful program completion.” But it also says “Not all clients complete the program.” There is no indication of what percentage of clients actually complete the program to pay back a substantial amout of the debt owed. But not to worry. They also say, “We cannot guarantee that your debts will be resolved for a specific amount or percentage or within a specific timeframe.”

By this point I may be just too critical but the Est. APR on the front just bugs me. On the back, it says, “Annual Percentage Rates provided by partners range from 5.99% to 35.99%.” It also says “Beyond Finance is not a lender.” So how can my estimated APR be an “as low as” number? That is neither an average or even indictive of the average APR consumers are offered.

Maybe You Can Now See Why I’m Conflicted

Beyond Finance says, “We are reinventing consumer debt management solutions” and “transparent financial solutions” but the frontline mailer sent to consumers seems neither reinvented, not transparent.

Beyond Finance has a job opening for a Quality Assurance Specialist. That job description says part of the duties is to, “Recommend policy and procedure changes based on quality monitoring observations.” So here is my recommendation for whoever gets that job, review your marketing to see if it is the marketing that needs to be adjusted or the company beliefs of what it says it is trying to deliver.

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About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • just called to cancel my account said no ones available to take call, well cal you back within 24 to 48hrs. is this the norm? and how do they refund funds in your canceled account?

  • The letter and company logo looks fake. The real company has a color logo and they do not do apr.

    The way they work is collect a settlement fee up to 25% of the debt you agree to give them. For example if you give a credit card with 10000 debt they will take a fee up to 2500. The key wording is up to. They charge this during settlement offer letter mentioning what the creditor settled for and beyond finance fee. You pay monthly or in lump sum all depends on how beyond structured this settlement. Remember they manage your money in a separate cft account.

    If you settle for 80% of the debt they will take upto 20. I seen some cards with much lower fee collected.

    Now 42 month program is great because 25/4 comes out to be about 7.14 something percent a year. Now so far with the fee I am lowering on average about 30% of my debt including fee. Some companies will offer half or less to settle for. If you got the cash you can settle yourself. The headache here is lawsuits which this company mitigates/helps prevent too.

    The real beyond finance is handling the ability to let you do it in a 42 month period instead and add a few extra months if you need it.

    I would recommend the real beyond finance.

    This article seems to be a review of a fake company I seen advertisements for.

    Here is the real company. Notice the link difference.


  • Started this program early November 2018 with the goal of gaining my financial independence. I was enrolled in the 4-year program of paying ~$575 per month towards my settlement account (~$35,000 of debt). I thought about this program when I first saw this company, when I enrolled, and when I had an account; if this was something I wanted to do instead of declaring bankruptcy or just defaulting on my debt. Two days ago, I decided to do the later with my credit score taking a dip to 541 back on Friday (Dec. 14) after hovering around 615 for a better part of the last six months. Sent an email to cancel the account immediately yesterday and finished the 20+ minute long phone call today (they won’t take “No” or “Cancel” for an answer). As is said in The Wolf of Wall Street during a phone call, “Whoever speaks first, loses.” I will be able to save my paychecks ($1,290 per month) plus BAH for attending college full-time and stash that away.

    If you want to read all of the fine print yourself, shoot me an email ([email protected]).

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