Rockwell Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – September 10, 2018

Consumer Statement:

I was applying for a personal loan and wasn’t approved for it. The next day I received a call from a guy named Ryan Garvin who explained he was with a company called Rockwell Legal Group.

He shared with me information on how he could help me become debt free with the help of their company. I was then asked if this would be something I’d like to do and I said yes it would be something that could help me.

He said that I would pay $330.65 per month for two years. I was told after I signed paperwork that they would notify all of my creditors to begin a negotiation on my accounts and to not answer any of their calls if they began calling me.

They sent out someone to have me sign paperwork and also to information like my bank account number along with a void check. After this I only heard back from Ryan explaining they received my information and that everything should be smooth sails after that. I can’t get a straight answer of what’s being done since I began consistently calling them which started back in August.

Consumer Action Taken:

Well, Ryan isn’t returning calls and the customer service agents I speak with are giving me the run around.

Now this is when I really started to notice that this all is a scam!!! Sunday, Sept 2nd, I received an alert from Credit Karma of a new address being reported on my Equifax. The address that was added to my info is 20 E Thomas Rd, Ste 2200, Phoenix, AZ 85012. I went online to look it up and it says that its the address to virtual office space in Century Link Towers/Regus US.

OKay, now I feel like this is indeed all a scam. I called Rockwell Legal Group and spoke with someone asking why are my creditors still calling me and asked about the email I sent to them of one creditor warning about legal actions.

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She said they have to collect six to nine months of payment in order for negotiating with them. Also said that they sent out a letter to creditors explaining they will be representing me. She kept going in circles like reading from a script or something because she could not give me a straight answer.

I asked for them to mail me the paperwork I signed and also the letter that was sent out to the creditors…haven’t received either of them yet. I was told an email of them would be sent to me within 48 business hours. At this point after this email I will be calling to cancel services with them. I’ve seen others have trouble getting their money back at this stage so wish me luck.

Date This Problem Happened: August 15, 2018

State You Live in: Texas

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $661.30

Company Name: Rockwell Legal Group

Company Address:

20 E Thomas Rd Suite 2200
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Company Telephone Number: 844-292-4759

Website of Company: rockwelllegalgroup.com

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5 thoughts on “Rockwell Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – September 10, 2018”

  1. Have been paying Rockwell legal group for 18 mts at $384 Ram payments have had 3 company’s sued me went to bank and stopped payment sent them a registered letter also emails to stop this but they send thro my bank anyway they are crooked and don’t help you want my money back and payments stoped

  2. My mom contacted Rockwell for debit consolidation. When she talked to them over the phone she told them she was recently widowed, disabled & that she lived in Hawaii. But they had no problem setting up an appointment & they were more than eager to send a Customer Service Agent to come out to our home.

    After explaining things to my mom & the paper work was signed the agent said she’d mail a copy of EVERYTHING. Every piece of paper/contract signed to my mom. That was July 06, 2018. Actually, from that “meet n’ greet” the only paper work my mom did get didn’t have any signatures on it. It was a ‘Notice of Right to Cancel’. Apparently, she was only allowed 5 business days after the Date of Transaction. Yet they’re allowed infinite amount of days to give her a copy of HER paper work. Since then my mom has yet to received any paper work. Even after contacting them on 3 separate occasions, for other issues that Rockwell is causing for not making payments to the companies that I’m paying for. So, while my mom had them on the phone regarding those issues she asked about her paper work. Every single time they’ve apologized said they’d send the copies of the paper work right a way & EVERY SINGLE TIME ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Yesterday, YES! Memorial Day, a sheriff served my mom court papers. One of the companies that Rockwell is supposed to be paying off my mom’s debt with the money($600+) she’s been giving them every month for almost a year is suing my mom. To add insult to injury . . . the court date is set for June 5, 2019 . . . it’s my parents wedding anniversary. If my dad was still with us, they’d be celebrating 54 years.

    My mom contacted Rockwell today & after filling them in about having to go to court. She, once again, inquired about those famous paper work. As always, like clockwork, or rather, like a broken record . . . Rockwell apologizes & says they’ll send it out right a way.

    Well, Rockwell is tiring. Personally, in my opinion, it is abundantly clear that Rockwell is not, by any means, a trustworthy company or group of people. Through their actions they have made it obvious that they have no conscience, no dignity & absolutely no morals. But that’s just MY opinion. My mom is the one that has the account with them but I’m the one that has to comfort her when she goes through her roller coaster of emotions every time Rockwell causes issues. Which is too frequent.

    I doubt if there’s anything or anyone that can help being that my mom isn’t the person writing this complaint. Even if she wanted to, she’d make me write it so she wouldn’t be frustrated, lol. I guess, I needed to vent as well as letting others know how unprofessional of a company Rockwell is & maybe just maybe something for the better will be done.

    Thanks for the listening ear. Take care God bless

    With a Humble Heart,
    B.V. Kelekolio, ORDM


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