Back at My Desk And Boy Are My Arms Tired

I spent most of last week leaving my Get Out of Debt Guy hat on my desk and jumped into the airplane to fly relief flights for North Carolina residents who were devastated by the recent Tropical Storm Florence that struck the state.

I flew with friends from the local fire department and police department who helped me with loading and unloading the airplane. We managed to pack the airplane full of donated supplies and flew to assist Operation Airdrop with their efforts.

You can see more about how the North Carolina community came together to help others.

It is times like these that help to put a lot of things into context. Tragedy makes you refocus on what is critical and important. People helping people is a beautiful thing.

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All the time the effort was underway, not one person talked politics or tried to sell some debt relief product to a flooded out person.

Don’t get me wrong, the moment the storm struck the coast as a hurricane some scammers were already underway collecting cash donations for fake charities.

During the flights I had the opportunity to survey the tragedy and see how many lives were impacted by the damage. It was unbelieveable.

Besides being dead tired from flying all week, I did have a few moments of excitement when I returned from one flight and blew out a tire on landing. It was almost as much fun as getting a collection call.

The immediate storm crisis is over so I guess it’s back to helping people deal with debt.

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