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I saw the press release below and thought it was yet another wonderful example of the “selling” of debt settlement and loan modification services to consumers.

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Debt Settlement TV Leads, Debt TV Leads English and Spanish. www.Leadango.com 1-888-957-9990
Debt TV Leads. Our Debt Settlement TV commercials are producing thousands of inbound calls every day. Leadango is #1 in production for exclusive Debt Settlement TV Leads in English and Spanish.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 22, 2009 – Would you like to get your phones ringing off the hook with potential customers that are interested in your debt settlement programs? TV leads produce the highest conversion rates of any other media period!

These consumers see our National TV commercial and calling the 800 number on the screen. Those calls can be routed exclusively to you in real time. This gets the potential customer on the phone with your sales agent at the peak of their interest. We then use the Kall8 system to track and record all of your inbound calls. You can access full detailed reporting at anytime with your secure login username and password.

Working with us is simple. First just give us a call so that we can answer any questions that you may have. Then we will get your account set up. From there you just choose the times that you want the calls to come in and the areas that you want to market in. We will buy the media and place the ads for you. This eliminates the risk and expense of running your own television campaigns.

We are filling orders right now!

With over 25 years of experience in lead generation you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We always take care of our clients and that is why we maintain a solid reputation in the industry. Our philosophy is that quality leads equal closed sales which in turn equal happy clients. When you decide to work with us you will immediately see the difference. We do exactly what we say. There is no guesswork involved.

Give us a call today!

leadango debt settlement leads

Leadango claims to be the #1 in TV leads for debt, loan modification, auto warranty, and more.

See also  Examples of Deceptive Official Marketing Sent Out By Debt Settlement Companies to Trick Consumers. Some are Members of TASC & USOBA.

What I find very odd is that this generic commercial, with callers sold to any number of companies paying for the leads, makes specific promises about how much debt can be reduced.

Start Closing Sales

All you have to do is focus on converting these prospects. They are primed and ready to become a customer of yours. – from Leadango site.

This site reminded me a lot of another similar service I wrote about. See “The Selling of Debt Settlement Services. It’s Easy to Sucker You In.”


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