Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Questions Raised

A reader posted a very interesting comment about Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. The reader said:

1503 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa
Pepe Abad’s Current Office.
Right Hand is Roman – Robert Kutz.
Brother to Damian Kutzner – recently sent to federal prison for fraud from ULG. They all utilize Alias’s. Multiple start up companies claiming assistance and preying on people’s current situations and trust. They even go as far as to pray and claim God while lying and ripping off the public.
They work in unison with Pablo Garcia / or “Paul E Garcia”. They aren’t even slick, look at their linked in profiles where they literally follow themselves and their other fictitious companies.”

I have no idea if any of that information is factual or not so I took a look at the NACA website to learn more.

Here is what I found. If you are interested in doing your own research, please post in the comments what you discover.

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Quick Look

What surprised me was the site uses the same acronym NACA as the National Association of Consumer Advocates. I wonder if consumer ever get confused.

I’m curious why the site would make their site disclaimer on the bottom so hard to read.

What is actually says is “Disclaimer: The owner of this website makes no representation as to the results to be achieved in your particular situation, since the results to be achieved will depend on the advisability of filing Claim or Lawsuit and will vary depending upon the State where you live, and your particular goals, assets, debts, income and expenses. Everything on this website is intended to be truthful and accurate, in every regard. Nothing is intended to mislead you or anyone else. However, with so much material written and presented, even the best of intentions, we will not have caught all errors in grammar, context, spelling, etc., nor will we have envisioned all possible interpretations of the material presented, some of which might well give rise to ethical or legal concerns. You should not make any decisions or draw any hard and fast conclusions about the effect of filings based solely upon information presented. Metaphors, analogies, slang, turns of phrase, idioms, actor or actresses, stock pictures and other literary devices utilized on this website are NOT meant to be read literally. The use of these literary devices is merely our attempt to relate to you…however imperfectly…a complicated and complex set of laws in a simple and more easily understood fashion. We invite and welcome your feedback. Having taken into full account this and other disclaimers included on this website, you still feel that something on this website: (1) Constitutes a material misrepresentation of fact or law, or omits a fact necessary to make any statement, considered as a whole, not materially misleading, or (2) Is likely to create an unjustified expectation about results we, as California and other State lawyers, can achieve, or states or implies results that we, as lawyers, can only achieve by means that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law, or (3) Compares our services with the services of other lawyers in a way that cannot be factually substantiated, please let us know. Please address your feedback, complaints and concerns to us by email addressed to info@nacalaw.org. You can call (855) 622-2435. (We do not list an email here solely for the purpose of avoiding the generation of unwanted internet spam.) We will promptly, if not immediately, address all issues that you raise and will immediately take any and all steps necessary and appropriate to correct any errors as may exist. Videos Presented On This Website: This website contains copies of various ads, press releases were created for purposes of advertising on TV. Many of these ads contain people, other than attorney Peter L. Nisson himself. With one exception, all of these particular ads contain dramatizations and do not depict actual events or real persons. That is, these people are actors, not clients, hired to help produce the ads.”

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Now that’s interesting – “With one exception, all of these particular ads contain dramatizations and do not depict actual events or real persons. That is, these people are actors, not clients, hired to help produce the ads.

I did enjoy their statements “we will not have caught all errors in grammar, context, spelling, etc., nor will we have envisioned all possible interpretations of the material presented” and “Metaphors, analogies, slang, turns of phrase, idioms, actor or actresses, stock pictures and other literary devices utilized on this website are NOT meant to be read literally.” I thought I was the king of typos.

Curiously they say, “Please address your feedback, complaints and concerns to us by email addressed to info@nacalaw.org. You can call (855) 622-2435. (We do not list an email here solely for the purpose of avoiding the generation of unwanted internet spam.)” But isn’t that their email address right there? That’s a rough way to hide it.

The site lists Peter Nisson as the Senior Director of Legal Services. – Source

However, that title does not mean Nisson is the owner of the company.

According to the State Bar of California, Nisson is currently eligible to practice law in California. However, he has been suspended twice. – Source

It appears past unfortunate issues surrounded mortgage modification issues with clients. See this.

NACA Non-Profit Claims

The State of California has no company registered to do business under the name Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates as either a corporation of LLC.

According to the IRS there is no nonprofit listed under the name Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates or NACA in Costa Mesa, California. – Source

Ownership of the domain name nacalaw.org is hidden.

I was unable to verify the nonprofit status of the company or the name they may be registered to do business as if it is not Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates.

Pepe Abad

A Pepe Abad does say he is the Managing Director at Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates,

I did write about a Pepe Abad before in conjunction with a company named Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition.

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And this might be a complete coincidence but as part of that story I noted Pepe Abad owned a very similar domain name – nacaloanmod.com. I even saved a PDF of the site in 2011.

However, at the time the company was calling itself NACA and the National Association of Consumer Advocates but said NACA was a subsidiary of Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition Corporation.

The IRS has no registered nonprofit in Costa Mesa under the name Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition Corporation. – Source

According to the State of California, Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition Corporation was dissolved and not a company in good standing.

There was also a company named Consumer Protection Assistance Coalation, Inc. that was a Delaware corporation registered in California. The status of that company is Surrender.

A 2011 letter attached to a filing for Consumer Protection Assistance Coalation, Inc. identifies Pepe Abad as the president of Consumer Protection Assistance Corporation.

Serve All, Help All, Inc.

I did find a reference that NACA is a division of “Serve All Help All Inc. (SAHA), a public-tax exempt 501(c)(3) Charity.” – Source, Source

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

The IRS has no listing of a nonprofit under Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates currently operating as a nonprofit.

The last public tax filing for the company appears to be from 2013. Others are available.

Serve All, Help All, Inc. is currently an active corporation in California. The CEO is listed as Purandar Amin. The Secretary is Rhutu Amin Gharib. The CFO is listed as Nataverlal Patel. – Source

The Serve All, Help All, Inc. website actually says, “In the current economic cycle, SAHA has realized that when there is no roof over the head, education and a healthy life style become academic concepts. In association with the Non-Profit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, SAHA educates home and small business owners at no cost to maintain their homes and a decent lifestyle, providing necessary tools and information. In the past 15 months, this non-profit has helped hundreds of homeowners either by completely free home loan modifications or by legal help to bring the lenders to the negotiating table to settle with them. Visit us at: www.NACALAW.org.” – Source

More Executives

A Ravi Jain claims to be the cofounder of Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates.

I Invite You and Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates to Post Clarifications in the Comments Section Below

I’d love for NACA, or any reader, to post any update to any information I have pnon-profitve that may be in error. If someone can identify the IRS registered nonprofit company they are operating under, I would be most appreciative.

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7 thoughts on “Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Questions Raised”

  1. If Kimo Macias thinks homeowners should get jobs to pay their mortgages she might be in the wrong job. I wouldn’t want her helping anyone that needs relief. This company says they charge $15,000 and up for fast help but less if you are not in default or have trustee sale date. I’m still not sure how lawyers are charging when CA laws says you cannot charge for these services but it seems to be big business.

  2. after reading this comment, I want to take a moment and apologize about the spelling, grammar, and typographical errors. I did this on my cell phone as a passenger on our way to my mother inlaws house. I just want to make sure that we are clear on a few points:

    NACA is a dba of Serve All, Help All, inc.

    Serve all, Help All, inc. is a 501 c3 registered and in good standing with the secretary of state of California (the governing body for all California corporations both for profit and not)

    Peter Nisson is an attorney in good standing with the California Bar association

    Neither NACA or SAHA provide real estate services in any state at any time. If a real estate transaction is to be completed the customer is referred to a number of affiliates that can assist in that regard

    The same can be said of Clients requesting litigation services. NACA is not a law Firm and one will be required in order to pursue litigation or Bankruptcy services.

    No one is required to donate any canned food or their first months payments in order to secure assistance. As a matter of fact less then 3% actually do so. When they do so it is of their own free will and the rewards for doing so are their own. NACA doesn’t even ask that the donations be made in the company name (so the Donator actually receives the tax deduction as well).

    All Groceries are donated to the Homeless veterans association of orange county. No one is keeping them for themselves nor are they being used as some sort of inter office currency.

    Loan modifications as well as other loss mitigation services are done free of charge by the team at Naca. Which is primarily comprised of volunteers. If they are unable to secure an acceptable resolution on your behalf then they may refer your case out to a number of Affiliate companies that specialize in the types of solutions recommended on your case. These affiliated companies provide services that include but are not limited to:

    Credit Restoration, Debt settlement, and Credit counseling services.
    Consumer defense litigation
    Lis Pendens action
    Temporary restraining orders
    Conventional / non QM mortgages
    Real estate purchases and sales
    Short Sales
    Relocation Assistance
    Private money loans (asset based and business purpose)

    (if anyone is interested in becoming and affiliate please contact us via our website at Nacalaw.org)


    Faithful advocate

  3. Please do yourselves a favor and take better notes next time you speak with an advocate. NACA is a dba of SAHA inc which is the registered non profit 501 c3.

    Peter Nisson, is currently a practicing attorney for Consumer Defense Law Group and they often take referrals from NACA for clients that are looking to utilize litigation to secure a favorable settlement with their mortgage lenders. The factthat he jas been suspended twice is irrelevant if he is in good standing and providing a viable service now.

    NACA offers free loan modifications (less then 3% of the modifications they complete actually donate the suggested 4bags of non perishable foods which they do donate to the homeless veterens association located in the county from which they operate). I have personally driven the donations downthere myself and i will provide donation reciepts if necessarry, even though there is no requirement to do so. Another suggested donation is only suggested (never required) only after you have recieved a loan modification offer from your lender, have agreed in principle to said modification, and have fully executed the modification agreement (between the lender and the customer) thereby entering into the modification period. Its not enough that NACA is willing to do the work for you under the SUGGESTION that you donate 4 bags if groceries to homeless veterens which happens less then 3% of the time, but how dare they SUGGEST that you donate one monthly payment to a local charity of your choice (donation made in your name and the tax deduction to your credit as well) if they are able to secure a modification on your behalf many of which come with principle reductions, shared equity forgiveness, and severly reduced monthly obligations!

    Im not sure where any of you are getting your information but you are not understanding something. Keep in mind that these are only some of the services that are offered free of charge. In fact all of NACA’s servives are. Like everyother company in this world they do have relationships with other companies of which they share a common goal or mutual interest. This of course is widely accepted when discussing the relationship everyone of our banks share with pretty much anyone interested in purchasing our personal information for pennies on the dollar. No one ever pays attention to the very small print explaining that your information will be shared with their “affiliates”! Affiliates is short for anyone willing to pay less then a cent a piece for your information whether that be contact information, or other info they are interested in securing. I spent 11 years working for several large financial depository institutions. They all do it.

    Now, please consider that 95% of NACA clients are in foreclosure prior to speaking with NACA. Over 70% of which have trustee sale sates scheduled when their homes are to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Under the Homeowner bill of rights, their lenders have made or attempted to make contact with them in order to remedy this (lenders are required to do so and sign an affidavit declaring they have done so, as a requirement to file a Notice of Default which is what starts the foreclosure process after no less then 90 days or 3 months of non payment). I have personally assisted homeowners that are less then 48hrs away from this trustee sale and am successful in suspending or at the very least postponing the sale of their home over 90% of the time. I am yet to find another company or anyone for that matter that is willing to do so free of charge. Some of these homeowners are months behind on their mortgage and over 50% are over one year behind on their mortgage payments.

    NACA does refer clients to 3rd party companies that will help restore their credit scores, help secure short term bailout loans, represent them in court for temporary restraining orders or lis pendens filings, represent them in bankruptcy court, as well as assist them in relocating if they have already lost their homes to foreclosure. Non of these services are offered by them and they will require that you sign a disclosure that states as much. Articles like this are the reason why a company that is doing so much good for so many would even require that you sign such a document.

    In closing i would like to offer a bit of food for thought. Why arent their any articles about the banks commiting predetory lending practices in providing these faulty and many times fraudulent loans to consumers? How about the articles highlighting these very same consumers when they fail to pay their mortgages for periods of 3 months, and sometimes years (longest i have seen is over 8 years!). Instead we are wasting time questioning the merrit of the only company offering assistance? Maybe our time would be better spent earning money so that they can pay the mortgages that they agreed to pay when they decided to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars from an institution to buy a home they couldnt afford in the first place.


    “One of the several VOLUNTEER advocates at NACA”

  4. We went to them because our house was in jeopardy of foreclosure. They had us bring in to there office two big bags of canned foods for the veterans? They have all there facilities in one place even a bank and Mortgage Company. They found us a new mortgage company at a interest payment of 11% and the payment doubled in price of what is was before. We did not want to lose the house so we went ahead and signed documents. I have called them and emailed them about some questions and they do not reply. This was all done in their office in Costa Mesa. Yesterday for some reason ( a little late I guess) I decided to look them up and found this article, thank God! Now now are really scared. I am beginning to think that this is all a scam. Oh and by the way they said my first mortgage payment needs to go to the veterans?

  5. Help you with what? If it is a mortgage rescue/promise to get you a mortgage modification – do not pay money up front. It is simple to get non-profit status wit the IRS. All you need to do is make sure a few key provisions are included in the corporation’s governing documents (Articles of Inc. & by-laws). If what you send the IRS fits into their 501(c)(3) definitions/requirements, then you get “nonprofit” status. Don’t count on the nonprofit status to provide any assurance of honesty. Check Charity Navigator online to see what they can tell about this nonprofit.

    I ran into this group a few years ago offering mortgage modifications to reduce the homeowner’s interest rate. They required money up front for the modification. This is illegal.

    Any business has to be checked further than the BBB. The BBB exists to facilitate a good resolution between business and customer. In one case I dealt with, the business owner refused mediation with the customer, handled by the BBB, and that was the end of the BBB involvement. The BBB is not a consumer focused resource. They have some useful information about officers, top staff, locations, phone numbers, etc.


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