A Bunch of Attorneys Couldn’t Stop Ocwen From Foreclosing on My Home

Question: Dear Steve, Part 1: Reaching out for help July of 2007, I made a loan of seven hundred thousand (interest only) with IndyMac Mortgage Service. I secured the loan with my property which is a duplex. My family and I live in one unit and the other unit rented out. I borrowed this money … Read more

I Think I’ve Been Scammed by the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates

Question: Dear Steve, I think that we have been scammed with the NonProfit Alliance of consumer advocates, which said they are for the veterans. Can I get out of the 100 pages that we signed with the NONPROFIT ALLIANCE of consumer advocates who say it is for the veterans. We had to bring in two … Read more

Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and Curiosities of Serve All Help All Nonprofit

I can’t help it. More questions have been raised about Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and their nonprofit status. As I mentioned in this post, even though the company name says they are a nonprofit they are not. Instead, the nonprofit group Serve All Help All says Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates operates as a … Read more

Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Questions Raised

A reader posted a very interesting comment about Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. The reader said: “https://nacalaw.org/ 1503 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa Pepe Abad’s Current Office. Right Hand is Roman – Robert Kutz. Brother to Damian Kutzner – recently sent to federal prison for fraud from ULG. They all utilize Alias’s. Multiple start up … Read more

NACA Law Claims Mortgage Victory

Douglass & Lolita Randall were just one of thousands of Homeowners seeking help from their Lender with no assistance in sight. Many homeowners spent an untold amount of scarce funds to hire Loan Modification companies to attempt to negotiate lower payment terms. Although lenders may cite exaggerated success ratios the reality of the true success … Read more