Brandon Frere Running Student Loan Assistance Scheme is Totally Innocent and Says People Need to Make Better Choices in Life and Business

Brandon Frere had his day in court where his attorney was able to spring him from jail on $3 million in bail. Frere is implicated in a student loan assistance scheme by the FTC that allegedly acted illegally and took about $30 million from consumers.

According to the legal team representing Brandon Frere, his transfer of millions of dollars out of the country before big actions in the investigation into his companies activities was coincidental.

News reports say Frere took a trip to Panama in April to go fishing with his attorney. Again, as a total coincidence, Panama was the vacation and business spot also of Jeremy Marcus and his attorney friend.

Apparently, Panama is the place all the cool kids go.

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Certainly, the flurry of financial transactions Frere made recently was just yet another coincidence. The Press Democrat says, “Frere made the transfers from his business to personal bank accounts on Nov. 29, about 45 minutes before another federal judge in Oakland stripped him of control of his Rohnert Park student loan debt relief company, Ameritech Financial, and two sister firms he ran as CEO.”

Frere successfully managed to change out of his orange and yellow prison garb when the judge granted bail. He is under house arrest and confined to his proud parents home. The ultimate timeout.

Brandon Frere’s attorney swung at the fences and attempted to explain the millions of dollars in international wire transfers were innocent. His attorney is reported to have said they occurred “within sight of the receivership.”

The unreasonable judge was not buying that entirely plausible argument and responded, “Outside the jurisdiction of the United States,” Kim said, apparently referring to Frere’s personal bank accounts in Luxembourg and Andorra.”

Frere’s attorneys said he was not fleeing the United States but was instead headed to Cancun for a little romantic action. – Source

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Apparently Frere was making a true nookie flight since when he was arrested “his bag packed with T-shirts, shorts and wine, his attorney Ed Swanson said Monday in court.” – Source

Maybe the quote that best sums this situation up comes from this person who said, “Most people’s split-second choices are made at a subconscious level, often driven by deep-seated beliefs and ideas developed by experiences in the past. These decisions can reveal patterns of thinking and behavior that may not truly benefit a person’s life or business — and can even be destructive. An entrepreneur may have an amazing head on their shoulders, only to keep making the same bad choices — the wrong business partner, the wrong products, the wrong priorities.” That person was Brandon Frere just two weeks ago.

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